A Glorified Introduction: Why I moved to China


Before I introduce this blog, check out a guest post I wrote for Shuffle Online Longhorn Abroad Series back in 2014.

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Adapting to China: A Two-way Street

As I re-read what I wrote, one paragraph stuck out to me

“Studying abroad in China has put a lot of resources under my belt such as giving me an understanding of how one learns a foreign language. Since I know firsthand the struggle that it takes to simultaneously immerse in a country and learn a language, I hoping that after I graduate, I can return to China and use this experience to help teach English abroad. I feel this is one way that I can live up to my university’s  motto of “What start here changes the world.””

This is no longer a dream, no longer an aspiration, rather it has become a reality. March 29, 2016 I  boarded the plane back to China, the place where I left my heart at three years ago on February 12,2014.

I’ve been teaching English in Jinan(济南), the capital of Shandong Province (山东省)and have decided to stay another year.

This blog will chronicle this new chapter in my life as I seek to discover why I fell in love with the Chinese language, it’s people and culture.

Seriously I really don’t know what spark interest in my heart. All I know is that I switched my major sophomore year, graduated with a Chinese degree, and my ears perk up and my heart flutters anytime I hear anything about China or Asia in general.


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Stay tuned for the next post about my first encounter with China.