A Weekend in Beijing : 100,000+ Steps in 3 Days

I love Beijing!

A Weekend in Beijing: Tyra running up The Great Wall stairs in Beijing
It’s rare that the Wall wasn’t packed. I think because it was raining.


The first time I went, I didn’t like it too much. I think because I was too spoiled when I studied abroad in Shanghai. I didn’t care for the old subway trains, or the crowds. However, when I started living in Jinan, Beijing was the closest place for cheese and other western delicacies. With only 1.5 hour train ride away, when I wanted to escape “China” I went to Beijing. The funny part about it was that I started falling in love with the Beijing Chinese Culture. The hutongs, the wall, the art district, the duck, and the people.

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I’ve been to Beijing more than 6 six times in a year, but I have yet to walk on the Tienanmen Square. It’s so emotional for me knowing the history and the tragedies that has happen on that very square. I always walk by keeping myself from crying.

I also had the opportunity to trek The Great Wall three different times on three different sections. My favorite is the Badaling section, however, Adventures around Asia boasts another section of the Great Wall that is a little dangerous to climb, but so worth it for the view. That’s my next goal.

A Weekend in Beijing: “Beijing Unrated”


A Weekend in Beijing: Pinterest Graphic

Well this post is about that one three day weekend where all the foreign teachers from the Best Learning English East Center decided to go to Beijing.  I edited this video on Windows Movie Maker, because apparently none of us owned a great video editing software, so excuse the quality. However, it took me 2 weeks to make, and I’m quite proud of myself 😀 Enjoy the video!

Make sure to let me know what you think of the video! I know we’re a bunch of clowns. If you’re ever down to visit us, we are sure you will have a good time, haha!

A Weekend in Beijing: Tyra, Inga, and Keller acting silly on the The Great Wall of China