Blogtober Challenge – Day 14 – Blast from the Past Part II – Shanghai

This series is meant to highlight my first encounter with China. I studied abroad through the CET’s  China Studies and Internship in Shanghai  program from February-June 2014. This was my first trip out of the country and only my third trip out of the state of Texas.

As you can tell I have been culturally and geographically confined. I recovered these stories through a terrible email system I used to update people while I was studying abroad. Nevertheless, I’m happy to share them once again, but with more pictures. Enjoy 🙂


First Official School Week is Over! – 02.23.14

“I have successfully finished the first week of school and internship. 

Every day, I have class at 10:10 am and internship is from 2-6 pm. I am interning at this public relations firm called Edelman. I’m working under the department that basically does PR for Edelman. Weird huh? I have to generate reports for the Internal Daily News Report, which is finding articles that write about Edelman. 

On my first day I could not find the right elevator to the third floor. Tall buildings in Shanghai have interesting elevator systems. One side is only for odd floors, the other for only even, and some skip floors. However, I ended up going through a service elevator?, asking one of the workers to help me find the third floor. At that time I didn’t know where the stairs because if I did I would’ve went that route.

I had my first Chinese Test and second Chinese Table. Because I have class everyday at 10 am, on the day of the test I assumed it started at 10. However it started at 9 am. I was already awake around 8:45, but I was taking my time. I get a call in my room.(We have telephones in our dorm-weird) from the academic director telling me in Chinese you have a test, hurry and get down here, etc. Luckily I only missed about 10 minutes of the test, since the building is not too far from our dorm.

Shanghai subway system is the best I have seen so far.I am able to tour the city, and if I get lost,all I have to do is find a station and I can find my way back to the university. Everyday after my internship, I experience the “packed” subway with people forcing themselves in the train. It’s pretty interesting because on the subway my classmates and I get stares when we are studying Chinese. Hehe, they look at our papers and say “Is this Pinyin.. “这是什么东西呀?”  

This past weekend I’ve went to a lot of places.

On Saturday, we went to the People’s square to go to the Shanghai museum.However, we didn’t know what exit to take from underground, so we ended up walking through the People’s Square which has this place for matchmaking in Shanghai.

We went through the park and still couldn’t find the museum, so we asked for directions. The guy told us it was around the corner, so the first big building we saw we went there. It wasn’t the Shanghai Museum, it was actually the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall. That was pretty interesting because we were able to see how quickly Shanghai changed in only 30 years. They also had the model of Shanghai. It was BIG!

Blogtober Challenge Day 14 - Blast From the Past Part 2 - Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall City Model
Shanghai Urban Planning Model
Blogtober Challenge Day 14 - Blast From the Past Part 2 - Shanghai- Marriage Market Ads at the People's Sqare
Marriage Market Ads @ People’s Square

Blogtober Challenge Day 14 - Blast From the Past Part 2 - Shanghai Grand Theatre Outside

We also went to see the Bund. I recently went there during orientation week at night,but I wanted to see how it looked during the day.

Blogtober Challenge Day 14 - Blast From the Past Part 2 - Shanghai The Bund 2014
The Bund (外滩)while the Shanghai Tower was still being built – 2014

On Sunday, I went with a classmate and my roommate to Liuli Chinese Museum. It’s a very beautiful glass art museum.

After that I went to Tianzifang,

a place of quaint boutiques that sell unique and intricate gifts. The old architecture is really pretty. We stumbled upon this restaurant that is called More than Toilet. It’s a restaurant that is very toilet-centered. For the sake of some people on this email, I won’t go into that much detail, however if you want to see pictures, I have them.  

Blogtober Challenge Day 14 - Blast From the Past Part 2 - Shanghai Liuli China Mueseum


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Blogtober Challenge Day 14 - Blast From the Past Part 2 - Shanghai Liuli China Museum-Glass Sculptures
Glass sculpture of faces-bodhisattva? Idk, i forgot 🙁

Lastly we ended the day at Fuxing Park.

One scene I love seeing is that the park is very activity-oriented. You see some elders dancing, playing checkers and card games, playing with their grandchildren, singing, and etc. This sight warmed my heart so much and it was a good ending for the day. 


Blogtober Challenge Day 14 - Blast From the Past Part 2 - Shanghai Fuxing Park
Fuxing Park
The Ayi’s practicing singing at the park

BTW, my roommate is very funny. I’m teaching her funny things in English, while she is teaching me Chinese. We get along pretty well though she makes fun of me of how slow I eat. Lol, good times and memories.”

Blogtober Challenge Day 14 - Blast From the Past Part 2 - Shanghai Chinese Roommate

-end of email 2.23.14