Blogtober Challenge – Day 29 – Does China Celebrate Halloween? Pt. 2 – Europark Halloween 2017

Does China Celebrate Halloween? Many people from home ask me this question while I’m teaching here. My first encounter with Halloween in China was last year 2016.

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I’m hoping this series will serve as an official I N V E S T I G A T I O N into this matter. Lol, excuse my dramatic self.

 Exhibit B is the Europa Amusement Park aka Europark

You can read about my post about Europa Amusement Park here

Halloween In China 2017: EuroparkChina
Giant Jack-o-lanterns at the Entrance Gate

I wasn’t expecting anything Halloween to be in the park. It’s practically in between two cities in the Shandong Province: Jinan and Dezhou. Hardly anyone goes out there. Having this mindset going in, I was mind blown. From graveyards to Haunted House, Europark had it all!

Entrance Area



I was super surprised to see this graveyard in here. There were so many tombstones! However, China wouldn’t be China without something ridiculous! I was dying of laughter after seeing what was written on the tombstones…

Halloween In China 2017: EuroparkChina Donald Trump Tombstone
I mean, I don’t like the guy, but China why you had to do the orange pumpkin like this?

Hahahaha! I’m sitting here laughing as I inserted these photos. These two are my favorite!

Deserted Zombie Street

This place was deserted on the Monday that we went by ourselves without the students. Apparently,in October on the weekend nights, there is a car stunt and zombie performance on the streets! I wish I was able to the stay for the Halloween Night Party to capture more photos!

Terrorist Zone

I don’t even know how to describe this area. Maybe it’s a maze, maybe it’s not. Picture black boards or tarp making a runway in different directions.

Yeah, still doesn’t make sense.

There were many black boards with random phrases  that are “maybe” associated with Halloween.AND there were some boards that were inappropriate for children. Apparently, there is a sign at the entrance that says this “maze” is for 16+. I’m assuming these boards were dope at night time, but during the day it was a laughing stock among us foreign teachers because there were SO many typos. See below.

There was a haunted house and bar in the park as well. It was quite decent for China. It had many rooms, but it wasn’t that scary.

Verdict: China, well at least Jinan, stepped up their game this year for Halloween. I can’t wait to celebrate it properly next year and not have a Halloween School Party!

Which Terrorist Zone sign was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!



  • Helene Choo

    Hahahahah I’m loving the tombstones and the boards!! You tried, China, you tried… LOL!! Glad you had a good time though, at least you weren’t bored! Maybe you can get involved with the Halloween planning for the theme park next year so they can get rid of the typos:P

    • Tyra Skinner

      Haha should help them! I don’t even want to know what they have for Christmas 😂😂

  • Alexi R

    Woow this looks cool!! but honestly the first photo I really thought its the Sagrada Familia of Barcelona lol no joke. This is really not a horror theme park though for those who love horror stuffs this is their paradise. I think It’ll be better if you guys went there at night weeh scary.

    • Tyra Skinner

      Oh yeah they had this huge party at night but we couldn’t go to it. It would have been really scary!!

  • Neha T

    Ah the Sagarda Familia once again ( Halloween version lol) ….yes yes China celebrates Halloween sooo well …..awesome pics,,looks like suchh funnnnnnn ! HAPPY HALLOWEEN ! ( OOPS THE GRAVEYARD IS SCARY )

    • Tyra Skinner

      The graveyard was a little too much 😂😂was not expecting that

  • Michael Oloko

    Some of those are so funny. It seems like everyone celebrates Halloween these days.

    • Tyra Skinner

      Yeah it has become quite fun and a reason to dress up!

  • That is such a creative space. I love the way it has been segregated into different zones. I particularly like the deserted zombie street. Cheers!!

    • Tyra Skinner

      Yeah apparently on this deserted zombie street at night, there is a car stunt and zombies walking, I wish I could have stayed for then night

  • This is SUPER interesting!! I’m surprised by a lot of the boards they have! I’m vicariously living through you!

    • Tyra Skinner

      Hehehe, it was hilarious and shocking at the same. You would have had a blast😂😂