Blogtober Challenge – Day 4 – Orange Things in My Home

I had a fun little scavenger hunt tonight looking for all these orange things! My boyfriend was drafted to be the model. Such a good boy haha, jk. I’m thankful for him pushing me everyday to complete my blog posts!

Orange Things In My Home


Orange Chinese Language Books
Orange Chinese Language Books










He is struggling to fit his big feet in my sock

Although this doesn’t have much orange, is festive right?

So many Chinese people point at Rian’s Ears!

My ugly ass orange shirt that I have to wear to work everyday. Cute for October, but for the entire year?! Ugh

A paper flower that one of my students made me last year!

Rian’s lovely orange lumps

My cute orange carrot pen

I realized I didn’t have much orange things, in fact my boyfriend did! He was whipping out things left and right. Although I like fall, I seem to enjoy navy blue more!

What orange things do you have in your home? Let me know in the comments below!

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