Blogtober Challenge – Day 31- End of Blogtober!

Today is the last day for the Blogtober 2017 Challenge!

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End of Blogtober!

Thank you Alex, from Better Together Home, for organizing this challenge for us! I know making all these graphics for each day’s thread took alot of time as well as monitoring the threads!

I also want to thank everyone for participating, commenting on and sharing my posts! It meant a lot to me to have genuine engagement on my blog! You guys are hilarious and this month’s MVPs!

Accomplishments and Lessons from Blogtober

* COMPLETED 31 days of writing, brainstorming, and editing pictures. 31 Blog posts!


*Can write 500- 1000 words easily now. What takes the most time is organizing the media and editing.


* Found out my ideal blogging schedule.


* Forced to be creative and think quick about what to post next.

Most of my ideas and inspirations came when I hung out  with my friends and also during the walk home from work. Some prompts I had planned before or during my days off!

* I know which online resources works best in China WITHOUT a VPN. The top three resources I used was Canva, Unsplash, & Buffer.

Canva for editing photos. Unsplash for free stock photos. Buffer for scheduling and sharing social media posts. I also signed up for the Canva for Work free trial. I LOOOVE it! I’ll be paying for the subscription each month. It’s totally worth it because you get access to more designs and free stock photos!

However, I mostly use my own photos for blog titles unless, I absolutely have nothing for it. Tailwind takes a rather long time to load here in China. This may be because my computer is ridiculously slow. I will try to use Tailwind more on my work computer to see if it works better

* Learned how to persevere and keep going.

Rian ( and others hehe) was a huge help in this. Often times I would come home exhausted from a full day of teaching, didn’t want to cook, or write. He reminded me that a challenge isn’t supposed to be easy and that when I started I WANTED to do this to help myself become more confident and creative with my blog posts! Now that I’m writing the last post, I’m so happy I didn’t give up!

My Top Posts

Chinese Wedding - Blog Title

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This was my favorite post to write! I was able to interview some Chinese co-workers to get more details about a Chinese wedding after going to my friend’s wedding! Best culture piece I’ve written on this blog!

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All of my “Learn Chinese Vocabulary Posts”

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Blogtober Challenge- Day 12- Things I am Afraid of

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Everyone got a tick out of this one!

Favorite Posts from the lovely Blogtober Challenge Participators.

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Kimberly, Farsickness Traveler

“What’s in my Carry On”


I hope you enjoy their posts like I have! It was difficult to choose my favorites because I loved reading ALL their posts! Especially, the posts about India, food and cosplay.

TooChineseForU Blog Announcement

Starting today, I will be taking a two week break to relax, catch up on social media and reading others’  blogs, write my blog business plan (thanks to Asha,  Click here to read her post “How to Create a Blog Business Plan” ), and sort my life out here in China. I basically just moved back here and went straight into Blogtober. Talk about a challenge! See ya in two weeks! New things will be coming!









  • Such amazing life lessons learnt, right? Blogtober was such a challenge, but it only made us stronger. Loved this final post. GO take a break – so shall I 🙂 Cheers!!

    • Tyra Skinner

      Yes it did make us much stronger! Writing a new blog post isn’t scary anymore haha! Enjoy your break,

  • Alexi R

    Wow thanks for highlighting all others posts (including mine) Blogtober has changed me indeed. There’s so much lessons that we have learned. It’s a challenge and at the same time an achievement. I did love all your posts, thank you for sharing and for your hard work despite of the prob with connection in the beginning. more success for us! cheers!

    • Tyra Skinner

      Hehehe no problem, I wanted to put them all, but I forced myself to choose one! It was a wonderful challenge, and I’m glad we were able to go through this together!!

  • Neha T

    Hey Congratulations we made it ! ( I need spa lol ) . I loved this post coming straight from your heart. I can relate to so many things here. I can understand that just after moving to new place you moved into blogtober, it was soooo hectic for me too ,,,,but we did it yayy…thankyou for liking travelquartz Goa post by me , so awesome ! I also enjoyed all post teh halloween series or chinese wedding by you or on south eastasia by Aditi to Cosplayers posts or most awesome blogs by Katie and Eliza and everyone else just wow wow wow !! 😀 In the end it all worth it !!

  • Helene Choo

    Thanks for featuring my post:D I loved reading all your blogtober posts about China:) Congrats on making it til the end!!:D Great to see that the challenge helped you figure out a lot of things for your blog! I’m sure we’ll be hearing more awesome things from you in the future <3