Blogtober Challenge – Day 5 – Shenyang First Impressions

My best Chinese friend  Jason came to visit me in in my “hometown” Jinan. We went to hike Mount Tai together.

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Well I thought it was only fair that I visit him in his: Shenyang(沈阳)

You know what time it is right…

Shenyang First Impressions


It’s just like Jinan except…

It has a subway. There are only two lines BUT IT HAS A SUBWAY 😀


The outside suburbs of Shenyang is very pretty, and is a host to a really fun activity: RIVER RAFTING!

It’s more quieter than Jinan. *cough* Jinan is more lively *cough*

Such a beautiful church!


Shenyang is home to a really famous dumpling place.


Better selection of western food. Check out this jalapeno pizza!


Would I visit Shenyang again? Short Answer: Only if Jason is there. Jinan is much cooler 😛