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I survived 5 days of no wifi, ya’ll. #millenial. Anywho, every year, my family and I take our annual vacation. Sometimes it’s camping, sometimes it’s a theme park or a beach. This year my parents really wanted time to relax and connect with nature, so they decided we should go to Bastrop State Park. Also, since my dad’s hip has been uncomfortable for him, we couldn’t drive too far.

Below you will find a full itinerary ( that was edited after the original because we of course we are lazy) , a list of food we ate each day and even some camping tips!

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Travel Guide: Camping in Bastrop State Park

Well, it was more like glamping because we stayed in a log cabin. Since we were a bit late with reserving, we stayed in Cabin #5 for two nights, and switched over across the street to Cabin #4.

TIP #1: When camping at Texas State Parks, always book online! It’s faster and accurate. We called the state park twice and they told us they didn’t have cabin #4 available until the day we wanted, but when we looked online it was and our booking was confirmed. I know, it should be the other way around. Call first. Online second. But in this case. Online first!

Monday – 08/14/2017

* Travel to Bastrop State Park– roughly 2 hours travel time

Address: 100 Park Road 1A, Bastrop, TX 78602

* Check in
* Last Minute Shopping at HEB Plus down the street (PLUS)
* Swimming Pool

Selfie at the pool in Bastrop State Park

*  Dinner: Steak and Cheesy Potatoes
* Game night: We played Rummikub. Love this game!

Tuesday – 08/15/2017

* Breakfast: Steak and Eggs! Big ‘ole hearty Texas Breakfast Ya’ll!
* Visit Lake Bastrop South Shore Park

Address: 375 South South Park Bastrop, TX 78602

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Entrance fee: $5 per person. Kids under 13 free

Lake Bastrop South Shore Park Swimming Area

* Swimming

The water is warm. My dad says to bring your goggles as well because he found a lot of beautiful rocks and seashells for my sister’s miniature gnome village, and sadly some hair ties and a hello kitty bracelet.

Dad looking for treasure at the bottom of Lake Bastrop South Shore Park
Dad looking for treasure!

Samantha, my sister posing after searching for seashells at Lake Bastrop South Shore Park
My sister, Samantha posing after searching for seashells
* You can also rent kayak or canoes, but we were too lazy for paddling. However I wish we would have because Lake Bastrop looked beautiful.
Tyra and Samantha at Lake Bastrop South Shore Park
The youngest giving the oldest a piggy back ride. SHE IS SO STRONG!
* Picnic Lunch: Sandwiches, Chips, Fruit
Mama Lisa Chilling at the Picnic Table at Lake Bastrop South Shore Park
Mama Lisa chilling at the picnic table


TIP #2: Make sure to check the Texas State Park website for alerts. Bastrop State Park’s river dam failed so there is no lake or river in the park. This is why we visited the Lake Bastrop South Shore park. It’s not a state park, but it’s run by the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) who manages the supply and the environment of the Lower Colorado River basin.

* Dinner: Spinach Feta Turkey Burgers on Chibatta Bread

Tyra Cooking Spinach Feta Turkey Burgers

* Campfire Time: S’mores
Dad making us a s'more around the campfire
Dad made each of us S’mores! We’re spoiled!


Wednesday – 08/16/2017

* Breakfast: Leftover Turkey Burgers
* Tubing Colorado River with Bastrop River Company

Address: 601 Chestnut St, Bastrop, TX 78602

We reserved our tubes online. $15 dollars for a regular tube, $20 for a tube with a neck rest, and $10 for a cooler holder.  They shuttle you up the river and you float back to them.

The Colorado river was nice and cold, but the current was extremely slow because of the 2 month drought in Bastrop, so my dad was quite impatient and resorted to paddling. So much for lazy river tubing. I recommend tubing in San Marcos because the river flowed more smoothly, or you can check the weather and make sure there was rain the week before! Ha, we forgot to do that!

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Tyra tubing down the Colorado River

Tyra eating goldfish while tubing down the river
Just eating my goldfish while taking a selfie tubing down the Colorado River.
* Lunch: Chorizo and Egg Tacos.

I know, backwards aren’t we? It’s because my Dad complained that he didn’t have eggs for breakfast and he was annoyed and tired from paddling. Moral of the story, Dad won the “What should we eat?” argument.

* Bowling
Address: 1600 Chestnut Street Bastrop, TX 78602
               $21 dollars and change for two games and rental shoes for a family of four. My mom says it’s reasonable.
Dad bowling at Lost Pines Theatres in Bastrop
* Dinner: Salmon Burgers with Alfredo Mac & Cheese


*Relax by the fire


Thursday – 08/17/2017

* Breakfast: Bacon and Egg Tacos
* Rio Vista Park

Address: 555 Cheatham St, San Marcos, TX 78666

The water is COLD, but refreshing! There are different rocks here that make it slippery. Some parts of the river is shallow, some are deep. Be careful of the falls! They are Great for tubing, those with life jackets, or strong swimmers. Weak swimmers, like me, stay in the shallow end, or go under the bridge. It’s shallow there and the current helps you float 🙂

Rio Vista Falls Dam
Rio Vista Falls Dam

Rio Vista Falls Dam

TIP #3 Always Pack Water Shoes. You never know what’s at the bottom of rivers and lakes. There can be rocks that can cut you and also the OUTSIDE GROUND IS HOT! 100 degrees outside this past week.

* Picnic Lunch: Pasta Salad, Sandwiches for the extra hungry.


TIP #4: Always pack some extra tubes and/or a life jacket!  I was pretty bummed out that I couldn’t slide down the falls because I’m a weak swimmer. I know the tip should actually be LEARN TO SWIM, WOMAN!! But that’s something I’m still working on. For the meantime a life jacket would have been handy!

Tyra on the shallow side of the Rio Vista Falls DamTyra on the shallow side of the Rio Vista Falls Dam
The shallow side of the dam
Mama Lisa and Tyra enjoying the sun at Rio Vista Falls Dam
Mama Lisa and I enjoying the Sun!
* Return back to Cabin to pack and relax


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* Dinner: We planned Hobo Packs (sausage, shrimp, veggies wrapped in foil and thrown into the fire), but my Dad was too tired to start a fire haha!

So we ate burgers at the Roadhouse. I tried the favorite  Jalepeno Cream Cheese Burger. IT WAS GOOOD! BUT IS EQUAL TO DEATH ITSELF! Death to my stomach, lol.

Roadhouse Bastrop Texas Menu Roadhouse Bastrop Texas Menu

Jalepeno and Cheese Burger from The Roadhouse Bastrop, Texas
Death by burger! The way to go.

My mom had the Destruction Burger- everythang but the kitchen sink! She opted out the pico though. Her verdict: delicioso!

Friday – 08/17/2017

* Checkout and eat something on the road.

I had leftover pasta salad, but my family waited to have Pollo from El Regio in Houston.

TIP #5: Plan your meals in advance! This saved us so much time and my mother felt so relaxed because we had more time to swim and hike!

We were going to stay until Saturday, but my Dad won another argument AGAIN, and we left Friday. Thankfully we did, because there was a wild fire on Saturday. Prayers for anyone who may have been hurt or those who have lost their things.

Nevertheless, We had a fun time in Bastrop! Dads, I don’t know if this trip is for you, just kidding, but I highly recommend you checking out the Colorado River!

Family photo inside the Cabin #5 at Bastrop State Park



Hope this guide was helpful and let me know if you been to Bastrop before in the comments below.

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  • Keri @flipflopweekend

    What an adorable cabin! It looks like such a great spot to camp!

    • Tyra Skinner

      Yes, it was AMAZING. I was too excited and forgot to take photos inside the cabin! I’m glad you enjoyed the post, thanks for stopping by!

  • Leian Cornelius

    What???? 5 days of no wifi! Phew you’re my hero 🙂 after reading the rest of your post, I knew it –
    who would miss wifi in those surroundings? Not me 🙂 enjoyable read

    • Tyra Skinner

      Yeah, we were quite busy in the water..and I was mainly eating haha!

    • Tyra Skinner

      Thank you for stopping by and reading!

  • The Midwest Wife

    Cannot believe you did that long of a trip without wifi! I definitely need to try that! Beautiful trip and post about it. Definitely would love to try this out!

    • Tyra Skinner

      The only connection to the internet I had was when my mom put on her hot spot just for us to watch a movie..THAT’s it. Crazy, I’m glad I made it though. I did get some journaling done though!

    • Tyra Skinner

      Thanks for reading!

  • Ahh must be refreshing so many days without wifi, can’t say I would make it, but it sounds like a good detox! You guys had super delicious meals every day, would love a recipe of the chorizo and eggs taco! By the way, I can’t swim either!

    • Tyra Skinner

      Yes it was a good detox! My brain felt quite clear 😀 I need to go double check the brand of chorizo my mother used, but it’s quite simple. You cook the chorizo first for a bit, just before it turns brown, then add scrambled eggs and mix together. Feel free to add any seasoning you like. We just used salt and pepper. My sister says it goes better with corn tortillas, but I prefer flour!

  • Diana Luchin

    Great experience! I think it was worth it even if you had no internet 🙂 Sometimes we just need to disconnect from this virtual world 😉

    • Tyra Skinner

      Yes, I completely agree. I may have to do a day next week! Been quite busy 🙂 Thank you for reading! Glad you enjoyed the post!

  • Laura Dove

    Oh wow what a great time you had! We are going camping next week and I am so looking forward to having no wifi! I think it’s needed!

    • Tyra Skinner

      YAAS It’s a definite need from time to time! I’m missing it a bit! Good luck with camping and I hope you guys have a lot of fun and family bonding time! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Tina H.

    That trip looks like a LOT of fun!!!!! Very detailed and informative! And I love your hair!

    • Tyra Skinner

      Awww thanks! Space buns are my new thing haha! I’m glad you liked the post 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  • Prateek Goel

    Looks like you guys enjoyed a lot. Even more, the pictures are awesome and has flown me in visualization. However, the most favorite part is no wifi. frequency free environment.

    • Tyra Skinner

      We had tons of fun! I admit the first day no wifi was torture for me, but I need that break and rest! Thanks for stopping by!

  • All your pictures actually show how much fun you guys had! i don’t know how I feel about the no wifi thing, but all in all, unwinding and relaxing seems good from time to time!

    • Tyra Skinner

      Girl I feel you! I was struggling the first day, but after a while it was nice to have that family time and take a break! Believe me, it’s good for our bodies and brain 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  • Angela Milnes

    Looks like you had an awesome day there and I’m so jealous I want to experience camping someday I’m sure it is fun and relaxing

    • Tyra Skinner

      We had a wonderful time! There are different types of camping. Our family has done all, slept in tents etc. But now since my parents are a bit older, we prefer staying in cabins. I hope one day you get to experience it! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Kim Gammage

    This looks amazing! I’ve always wanted to stay in a cabin, I love camping but I just feel like it would be a completely different experience. When ever we’ve traveled to the states we’ve done some outdoors stuff but still not stayed in a cabin.

    • Tyra Skinner

      Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry I thought I replied! You have to try a cabin, it’s a completely different experience! It puts away all the stress that goes with packing supplies and putting up tents. You have more time to hike and do more activities! Thanks for stopping by!