Moved Back to China

China Update 1

Today was supposed to be Wednesday Features…I KNOW, so sorry. The schedule will resume next Wednesday for the month of October!

So far, China has been GREAT! Except for the fact I have to climb the Great FireWall of China each day in order to access some sites. Soon, I’ll be able to get a better social media scheduler to help bypass the craziness.

I already have 7 classes! EEEEK, that’s 22 teaching hours that I have to plan for. Thankfully I can reuse some lessons plans. Also, Chinese National holiday is coming up, so in literally a few days I’ll be on holiday. I’ll have time to prep blog posts for the month!

My house needs some cleaning, too! Expect pictures later haha!

I had time to decorate my office space. What do you think! Am I missing anything??

Tyra's office at best learning


What to expect on the blog:

Blogtober!- I’ll be blogging every single day. Most of the posts will not be travel related, but some will! I hope you guys are excited, because I am! Wednesday features will maintain as well!


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