Blogtober Challenge – Day 8 – Chinese Autumn Food

When I thought about this idea, I completely forgot that the best, best Chinese dishes are in the Winter and Summer! ( According to my Chinese co-workers)However, there are a few things here that are only available or in season in Autumn.

Best Chinese Autumn Food

1. 大闸蟹- Chinese Hairy Crab / Chinese Mitten Crab

When I asked my Chinese co-workers what was the best Chinese Food to eat in the Autumn, they unanimously said Chinese Hairy Crab. It’s apparently a Chinese delicacy that is only available from September to the end of the year. These crabs can be found in the Yangtze River Delta and the surrounding areas such as Yangcheng Lake. These crabs are often served in many restaurants in Shanghai (You can find it in other restaurants but it’s popular in the South)  If you ever find someone selling these crabs out of season, it’s fake! Another reason why this crab is popular is because of the roe in the male crabs. Eileen, my Chinese cooperating teacher, said

Chinese people love eating eggs. In shrimp, fish, and crabs, you can always find eggs. However, I don’t like the eggs!

Coworkers Aaron and Andrea got to eat some home-cooked crab this past week!

Chinese Autumn Food - Andrea Holding Hairy Crab
Andrea Holding Hairy Crab

Here are some advertisements of stores selling Hairy Crabs in my school’s elevator!

Chinese Autumn Food - Hairy Crab Adverstisement 1    Chinese Autumn Food - Hairy Crab Advertisement 2

2. 冬枣 – Dates

This fruit is popular because it’s in season. I actually have no idea when a fruit is in season, but what helps me learn are the street carts that roll in every night on the corner selling different fruits and vegetables. If it’s strawberry season in China, you will see maybe 5-10 carts down the street selling just strawberries. Since it’s Autumn, I see nothing but street carts selling dates and yellow tomatoes. The fruit is cheaper and the freshest during this time!

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3. 柿子- Yellow Tomatoes

Like I mentioned above, this fruit is also sold on street cards. Yellow tomatoes are juicy, which is considered a good thing for the Chinese because it helps with the dryness. ( I completely forgot to take a picture of the carts last night)! I’ll update later!

4. 月饼 – Moon Cake

Chinese Autumn Food - Mooncake
A friend who sells Mooncakes. These are the ones she did!

This is the most important food you should eat during Autumn because it’s mainly eaten during The Mid-Autumn Festival. This festival is a celebration and worship to the moon. Before, these mooncakes were an offering to the moon. Now, they are eaten! Mooncakes can have many fillings, such as fruits, nuts, meat, egg, and yolk. I asked my Chinese co-workers which mooncake was their favorite. Here are there responses:

Egg Yolk with Coconut ~ Eileen

Any kind with Nuts ~ Ruby

Red Bean Paste ~ Kathy

You can read more about Mooncakes & The Mid-Autumn Festival here.

5. 玉米 – Corn

Chinese Autumn Food - Unimart Corn
When I arrived the corn was still cooking! I asked her if I could take a photo. Thankfully there is Unimart right next door to work!


I feel like this is universal, haha! Steamed corn is delicious during the Autumn. You used to be able to find them on street carts, but since the Mayor has issued a street cart cleanup, you rarely find “cooked” things on carts. However, you can find corn anytime at Uni-mart! It’s delicious!






What Autumn foods are popular in your country? Let me know in the comments below!


Autumn is finally here! It's time to start stocking our stomachs for Winter. If you are ever in China, here is a list of the Best Chinese Autumn Food!