Blogtober Challenge – Day 24 – Fun Day at Europa Amusement Park, Shandong

Yesterday, our school decided to treat us to a fun day at Europa Amusement Park. Well, honestly, we will be having a Halloween Activity at this park this upcoming Saturday and Sunday, but we aren’t able to join the students on the rides. So, in efforts to keep us foreign teachers happy, they paid for us to go.

Europa Amusement Park

Europa Amusement Park - Europa

Address: 全城欧乐堡梦幻世界 小魏村 (309国道) Qihe, Dezhou, Shandong Sheng, China

Price: 220 RMB ~ $34

Also named Europark!

In total I have been to three amusement parks in China: Shanghai Happy Valley Amusement Park, Shanghai Disneyland Park & Resort , and Europa.

Happy Valley and Disneyland rides were not that impressive, however their shows/performances were. So when I knew of the plans to go to Europa, I didn’t have much expectations.

However, leaving Europa I was genuinely satisfied with my experience and in shock of how cool the place was.

The Cool Stuff

No Queues!

Maybe because it was a Monday, but still, that park was so empty you could hear crickets chirping! We went on almost ALL the rides (except the water ones) multiple times!

The Battle of Blue Fire Coaster

THE BEST ONE THERE! It took off so fast, had several loopy loops and wasn’t too short!

Europa Amusement Park - Europa Europa Amusement Park - Battle of Blue Fire Inside

The Spinning Disc Thing

The second best ride there! I’m always down for this one!

Europa Amusement Park- Spinning disc2

Safety Precautions

I felt safe on the rides! I’m not scared of heights, but if I don’t feel safe, I’m not going! Before we took off, they thoroughly checked everyone. I even had to remove my cloth headband because they weren’t taking any challenges.

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I normally don’t like the Spinning Swing ride because in the US there is only a chain, or a thin bar that protects you. However, here at Europa, there was a thick black brace that pressed against your stomach and kept you safe! I was happy because at first I wasn’t keen on riding, but after seeing that I ran and got in line to get in.

Europa Amusement Park - Spinning Swings 2 Europa Amusement Park - Spinning Swings 1

The Halloween Decor and the Haunted House!

I will write about this in a separate post titled “Does China Celebrate Halloween?”

The Lame Stuff

No Yummy Snacks

There wasn’t much viable options for food inside the park. However, there is a Bar & Grill on the outside. Several foreign teachers went there and they said the burgers there were good. No vegetarian options aside from french fries!

The Park isn’t that big

I don’t recommend staying there the whole day. We were there for 4 hours and I think that was also too long!

Europa Amusement Park - view from castle

Some rides were closed

Europa Amusement Park - Under construction coaster
The first coaster we saw in the park was closed 🙁

The “Only in China” Stuff

China is the only place I know, so far that loves copying things. Sometimes they do a crappy job, and other times it’s quite decent and hilarious!

The Entrance Gate is the Sagrada Família

Europa Amusement Park Entrance Gate 1

The Bar & Grill has the Ratatouille Chef as its logo


Europa Amusement Park - Bar & Grill
The Fake Disney Castle is at the Center of the Park

Europa Amusement Park - fake disney castle entrance

annnd, there’s A “Propaganda Department” instead of just marketing.

Europa Amusement Park -Propaganda Department

I had loads of fun at this park even though I wasn’t expecting much. I can’t wait to share with you guys the Halloween Parts of this park. That was the highlight of the day!

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Europa Amusement Park in Shandong, China.

Have you been to any Amusement Parks? Which one was the best, which one was the worst?

  • The spinning disc might make me wanna puke. It’s good there aren’t too many snacks and quick-eats 😉 I like the theme around Halloween though – subtle yet present. What’s your favourite ride? Cheers!!

    • Tyra Skinner

      The spinning disc was quite fast, so yeah those who are easy to puke after a ride shouldn’t get on this one! Yet, this one was my favorite ride, and the blue coaster one. The high swings, even though slow, was super scary!

  • Helene Choo

    I laughed out loud at the propaganda department!! Oh, China…:D Looks like a fun theme park:D I’m not a huge fan because I don’t like rollercoasters!

    • Tyra Skinner

      Hahaha, I’m still laughing at this now while I’m typing this comment. Yesterday, I asked my Chinese friend if she had seen the advertisement for the Halloween Night at the park. She said what is advertisement? I told her in Chinese. She replied.. oooo you mean propaganda? For five minutes I had to explain the difference between propaganda and advertisement hehe

  • Alexi R

    Wow the Europa amusement park looks exactly like Tomorrow Land here in Belgium, personally I don’t really like getting into roller coaster stuffs cause I always get nausea after the ride, but I would love to try that swing ride, hopefully It wont be brutal as other rides for me.

    • Tyra Skinner

      China is queen of copying things, so they probably were heavily inspired by Belgium and other European theme parks!

  • Neha T

    Europark —- OMGGGGG is that replica of Sagarada Familia from Barcelona :D. Wow ! I would love to go there. I am glad I have seen such new destination on this post.

    • Tyra Skinner

      Hehe yes, it’s a rather funky replica. I think China just got ideas from European theme parks and mixed it together. I had fun though!