Blogtober Challenge – Day 3 – Fall Bucket List

I cannot believe that I’ve posted 3 days in a row already! So proud of myself hehe!

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Fall Bucket List

Places I want to go:

Visit Hongye Valley – 红叶谷  in Jinan and play in the leaves

Red Leaves Valley - Photo by

 I heard about this park from my co-worker & bestie Sasha. It’s beautiful in October. I’ve started researching details about it. It’s an hour drive from Jinan. Public transportation is crowded and not much options. We may have to go in a group and split a Didi (Chinese local version of Uber) if I’m not able to figure things out. The pictures look amazing though, so I’m looking forward to it!

Entrance Fee: CNY 40
Transport take Buses No. 65, 29 or Tourist Bus No. 89

Have a gander in 5 different shops in Kuan Hou Li, Jinan- 宽厚里, 济南

Blogtober Challenge - Day 3 - Fall Bucket List - Kuan Hou Li Gate

This place 5 months ago had only a few shops, but now it has many places to eat, drink, & buy cute little things. Think of it as a little market & entertainment square. You can spend several hours here. It’s best at night because you can see all the pretty lights and maybe hear some live music. They are building a stage here, so within a few months this place is going to be POPPING! Since there are so many new shops, I hope to go into at least 5 by the end of November! If you’re ever in Jinan, check it out.  See more pictures here: The text is in Chinese, but he took better photos!

Go to a Haunted House

So, I don’t know if there are Haunted Houses in China? However, I’m going to search for one. Well, when Jinan is polluted, there is a temple at Daming Lake that looks scary in the smog. Maybe that counts? OR….

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Play a room escape game!

There are so many here in China. I’ve been to one before in Jinan. I’m sure if I ask one of my Chinese friends. They will be down to go. There may not be a haunted house (that I know of), but being trapped in a room is close enough!

Have a picnic at Daming Lake

Blogtober Challenge - Day 3- Fall Bucket List- Daming Lake
Source: China Daily –

Daming Lake is one of my favorite places in Jinan. It’s a huge lake and refreshing. Since it’s so big, it’s rarely crowded. Great place to go for a night or morning run!

Transportation: Buses No. K98, K91, K54, 6, 11, 14, 30, 33, 36, 37, 41, 63, 83 or Tourist Bus No.66

Visit The Thousand Buddha Mountain – 千佛山

1000 Buddha heads in one place?! I’ve heard of it so many times, but never been. Hopefully this fall I can go! I’m sure there are beautiful leaves there as well! I mean, 1000 Buddha heads floating around in a Mountain seems creepy. Perfect for October!

Entrance Fee: CNY 20
Transportation: take Buses No. 2, 31, 48, K51, K56, or Tourist Buses No. 66, 68

Things I want to do:

Carve a pumpkin

Craft with Fallen Leaves

Buy at least two new sweaters

Go to a Halloween Party

Watch scary movies!

Plan Halloween Costume

Have S’mores and Bonfire party!


Where and What I Want to eat/drink:

Halloween Cupcakes

Warm Apple Cider

Egg Waffle Ice Cream Thingy at Kuan Hou Li

Avocado Milkshake at Sama in Kuan Hou Li

Sweet Potatoes

There used to be little street carts that sold steamed sweet potatoes for CNY 2. So cheap and delicious, but with the Mayor of Shanghai running Jinan now (since the Mayor of Jinan was arrested, demoted, idk just GONE) there are no more street food carts. This Shanghai Mayor is trying to make Jinan the little Shanghai. Ugh. The city is losing its charm. I MISS MY SWEET POTATOES!! I guess I have to make some myself!

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These are some of the things I hope to complete by the end of November. If you have any other ideas, let me know in the comments below! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post! I think I’ll do…”What Orange Things Do I Have in My Home?”

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