Jinan First Impressions: 济南的第一印象

First Impressions

  1. There are more KTV places than public restrooms and gas stations. I swear there is 7 KTV places within a 3 mile radius from my home.

    KTV Place in East Jinan
  2. I could taste the pollution. It’s so bad here that I have developed a cough from time to time.

    Masks in China
    Masked Up
  3. My favorite mode of transportation is the bus cause it’s 1 元. Which is like 16-20 cents. <3
  4. They try really hard to be more ordered on the road due to organization. For example on crosswalks there is a space for bikes and a space for pedestrians. Do the bikers always follow this…NO…but they try and well I can appreciate the city’s gesture for creating this.
  5. It’s a small big city. It’s big enough that there is enough different places to eat, shop, relax and have fun. However it’s small because it’s so convenient. It reminds me of Austin,Tx.
  6. MY OLD APARTMENT WAS SO AWESOME...minus the bathroom, but whatever. I think maybe it’s the best out of all the other foreign teachers. It’s very spacious. Actually better than my apartment in Austin.

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  7. MY NEW APARTMENT IS EVEN BETTER! Just one photo though. Moved there right before having to return to the US for a new visa.

    Living Room and Dining Room
  8. There is bread…EVERYWHERE. I love Jinan’s 肉夹馍(Roujiamo-Chinese “hamburger”)

    Roujiamou (肉夹馍)
  9. Also there are too many towers with this “mini oriental pearl on top of them.…I will let your imagination flow.

    Mini-Oriental Pearl Towers
  10. 98 Kuai pan and pot set. Woks are cheap here 😀20160404_160845

Well that’s it for first impressions. I’ll talk about school stuff on another post. Thanks for reading.

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  • Wow your apartment is gorgeous! you have a house mate?

  • Wow your apartment is gorgeous! you have a house mate?

  • Behind the Schmile

    This was such an interesting post- brave move! All the best!💙

    • Tyra Skinner

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

  • Your apartment looks amazing! I would love to visit China, especially for the food and fashion!



    • Tyra Skinner

      China is amazing! Let me know when you plan visit!

  • Lasonia

    I love your new apartment! I would love to visit China one day. I bet the food is amazing. The hamburger resembles barbeque to me.

    • Tyra Skinner

      The new place is beautiful! The food is delicious, thanks for reading!