Blogtober Challenge – Day 21 – Fish Hotpot Restaurant Review: Jinan

Today, two of my Chinese co-workers treated me out to dinner. Of course, we didn’t know what we wanted to eat. The closest place to go was Harmony Mall. It has everything from a supermarket to a cinema. My favorite food in China is hotpot.  So, we looked online to see any places that didn’t have a long waiting line. We found a place, but discovered that the restaurant was no longer there! The only other hotpot restaurant in the mall was a place called “咪友鱼火锅”  “More than Meow: Fish Hotpot Restaurant”

More than Meow:

Fish Hotpot Restaurant in Jinan

Address:  槐荫区 经十路22799号和谐广场3楼 (Chaoyang District, Jing Shi Road Harmony Mall 3rd Floor)


From the title, you can tell that this restaurant has many cat-related stuff. IAsia has many themed restaurants. You can find these mostly in Japan and Korea (well, from my experience). China has some, but they’re a hit or miss. Sometimes if follows the theme completely, sometimes it just mushes everything together.  I’ve been to Harmony Mall so many times, but never ate at Miss Meow. I even passed by this restaurant, looked at the sign, thought about it and was like NAH. However, today was my lucky day lol!


Their catch phrase is “Everyone’s Favorite Miss Meow”

Everyone's Favorite Miss Meow Fish Hotpot Restaurant


While waiting outside the restaurant for a seat, you can enjoy a beautiful moving screen of the clouds and the moon!

Moon Screenplay at Harmony Mall near the Fish Hotpot Restaurant

The inside of the restaurant has black chalkboard wall paper with drawings on there.You can also see many cat frames and little figurines.

More Miss Meow Hot pot restaurant decor

It seems that they tried to make this restaurant feel like a little cafe. I feel like you can sit, eat and talk for hours. We spent maybe 2.5 hours here talking until closing. They practically kicked us out haha!

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Inside of Miss Meow Fish Hotpot Restaurant


Here is their menu. I like how interactive it is with the random English words everywhere and the funky drawings. The cat pawprints to indicate their specialties are a nice touch.

Fish Hotpot Restaurant in Jinan Review: More Miss Meow's Menu

The upper right corner of is their Fish hotpot. So if you order one of these fish, it comes with the soup for you to put other stuff in.  If you don’t want fish with your soup then you just order the soup flavor on the upper right hand side. There are many flavors. My favorite is the spicy, tomato one.

One of the most important part is the sauce that you dip the food in after it’s cooked in the hotpot. The sesame oil flavor is the best one at most hotpot restaurants. I decided to try a new spicy flavor. Spiiiicy, but too oily.

Miss Meow Fish Hotpot Restaurant Spicy Sauce

I liked Miss Meow’s broth because it made the vegetables taste delicious, but I was not a fan of their thin beef. Their shrimp was okay and the potatoes were the bomb!

Fish Hotpot Restaurant Review: Jinan More Miss Meow Restaurant's Fish Hotpot

Miss Meow isn’t Chengdu or Chongqing’s hotpot, but it was not bad. I ate plenty and am satisfied.

Overall Rating: 8/10

Fish Hotpot Restaurant Review in Jinan, China.


  • Miss Meow’s broth sounds so warm and comforting. I just love hotpots. It’s also a very good way to bond over lengthy conversations or chit-chats. Such a cool cafe. Cheers!!

  • Alexi R

    Everybody seems to tackle merely about food today, I love it! firstly I like the designs found inside the resto, those cats are just adorable. For food Miss Meow as you recommend sounds delicious!

  • Helene Choo

    Woah, a cat-themed hotpot place, I loveeeee! My family and I usually have hotpot for christmas (you know, cos we don’t have Western christmas but we want an excuse to have hotpot haha!) 😀 now you’ve made me hungry and I have a craving for hotpot! Need to go back to the hotpot place in Madrid asap!

  • Neha T

    I liked the chalk cat wall design as I love cats . The food looks delish , nice description too, wow 8/10 gotta check this place soon.