Blogtober Challenge – Day 30 – Fun With Halloween Quizzes & Name Generators


I know I created a list of prompts on Day 1 of Blogtober about things I should write about, but I just don’t have the media for most of them.

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So, since it’s my day off. I decided to ditch a traditional post and search for some fun Halloween quizzes and surveys for ME to answer. I know I could’ve interview Rian, but he has work and I’m home alone hehe.

Fun With Halloween Quizzes & Name Generators

Halloween This or That Survey from Quizopolis



Pumpkin Painting is less of a hassle. Plus I won’t cut myself by accident!

I’ve watched to many episodes of Ghost Whisperer, so yeah I do!

Halloween Quizzes and Name Generators: Ghost Whisperer It's going to be okay

Give out candy!!

It’s a mixture of both. I buy a costume and I hate it, so I revamp it! However, this year I’m going to be a skeleton. Well a sexy skeleton, or a ghetto skeleton. Depends on how much effort I put into making this costume today!

Let’s get this straight…I’ll be an Original like Klaus and be both a vampire and a werewolf!

Fun With Halloween Quizzes & Name Generators


Hahahahaha! Freddy. He had it rough!

Halloween This or That Survey from Quizopolis, continued.

This one is hard! This year, I’m going for scary…or sexy!

Pumpkin! I don’t like nuts too much with my pastries. It makes it hard to swallow the pie whole haha! Just Kidding.

Small pumpkins are so cute!

Whaat? Quizopolis, how dare you put these two movies together and make me choose. Fine. I pick “The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.” Did you know there is a Charlie Brown Cafe here in Jinan?! It’s super cute!

Snickers. “I’m not me when I’m hungry. I’m my brother, Tyrone!”

Black! Orange does not go well with my skin one. However, one can now argue that Orange is the New Black…

For what?! To cover my head?! Where’s the context for this question. Ummmm, I’ll go with pillowcase and be a ghost???

Bats are cooler!

Scary stories!  I am petrified of ouiji boards. Some bad juju.

Uhhh…a fun holiday

Zombie Name Generator from Quizopolis

Name generators crack me up, because they are silly, and after a few attempts, people generally get the same name. What do you think about my Zombie name? LOL

I would love to know your zombie names. Feel free to visit this site, get a name and comment below! Let’s see how many people get the same name as me. If not too much than, this generator is goood!