Blogtober Challenge – Day 10- Halloween in China 2016

Last year, I celebrated Halloween for a whole week! Why, because I am a teacher. Friday the 13th is this week and tomorrow I have to do some serious lesson planning!

Halloween In China 2016

At Best Learning English School (East Center) , I had 6 classes and I threw a party in every class. I did the same games in each class give or take a few depending on the age group. I will soon do a post listing out the games we played during the parties. Here are the class photos 😀

Longhorns Beginner Class (7yo – 10yo)



Blogtober Challenge - Day 10- Halloween in China - Maxine in a Scream Mask


This is Maxine! She scared me with this Scream mask. I was stoked because I thought her parents may have seen this movie. Sadly, when I tried explaining to her the origin of this mask, she was clueless! I have already started compiling Halloween movies for the kiddos. Coraline was Longhorns favorite! They only wanted to watch this movie during break times for the entire week!





Ninja Turtles M1 Class ( 3yo – 5yo)

Blogtober Challenge - Day 10- Halloween In China 2016 - Blowing out birthday candles

Since there were several birthdays in October, I decided to do a Halloween Themed Birthday party. Twins Sophia and Richard, and Damon had a spooky time celebrating. They told me it was their best birthday ever. Considering they only had 4 others, it wasn’t too hard to beat the competition.

The Force Beginner Class (7yo – 10yo)


They had the dopest costumes! I was expecting a lot of witches, since that’s the dominant Halloween costume selling in Jinan, but some of these kids got creative! It seemed the Halloween lesson during the week helped them choose! I always had fun in this class. I am sad that I’m at the West center now, but I know Ian, the teacher that took over this class, will look after them for me and give them the BEST HALLOWEEN EVER this year!

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Moonlight Beginner Class

Blogtober Challenge - Day 10- Halloween in China 2016 - Moonlight Beginner Class

So in this picture, I was being shot by Max the skeleton pirate while Frank is giving me this face of death. In short, this class is CRAAAAAZY! Mainly because I only had them once a week for 2 hours. I do miss this class, though.

Zootopia M1 Class (3yo-5yo)

Blogtober Challenge - Day 10- Halloween in China 2016

They were the cutest bunch ever and they always shared their food with each other and with me! Do you see Thomas, the cute pumpkin and Poseidon the wannabe gangsta on the floor there? Oh yeah, I’m the one in the red mask! It was hilarious scaring them though, but they still loved me after maybe 5 minutes of convincing them that I am their teacher. Ha!

Banana G1 Class (8yo-12yo)

Blogtober Challenge 2016 - Halloween in China 2016 - G1 Banana Class

Older kids can celebrate Halloween like bosses, too! As I look at this picture, I can’t find myself! With this class I struggled with trying to assert my authority because there were a few boys who were taller than me! So for all you guys who stereotype Asians saying they are short, I told you many times THEY AREN”T ALL SHORT! Northern China has many, many tall people who look like they should be playing basketball or helping me reach the seasonings in my cabinet. Goodness, I’m short.

Nonetheless we had a great Halloween party, even though they really just wanted to watch Halloween movies! They loved Hotel Transylvania!

Halloween in China 2016

Now some personal Halloween photos. My makeup was crap but I didn’t care because, I just spent that whole Saturday at work for 10 hours.


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There was a huge Halloween Party going on at this underground event place called “Sounds Mushroom or Mushroom Sounds” everyone says it differently, lol! It was surprisingly, one of the best nights I had out in China. Does China celebrate Halloween? I’ll be posting about that soon.

Can’t wait to be sharing some more spooky posts.

How was Halloween last year for you? What are you looking forward to this year? Let me know in the comments below!