Blogtober Challenge – Day 28 – Does China Celebrate Halloween? Pt. 1: Knights Hotel Europark Does!

Does China Celebrate Halloween? Many people from home ask me this question while I’m teaching here. My first encounter with Halloween in China was last year 2016.

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I’m hoping this series will serve as an official I N V E S T I G A T I O N into this matter. Lol, excuse my dramatic self.

Exhibit A is the Knights Hotel at Europark.

You can read about my post about Europa Amusement Park here

Why are we at Knights Hotel?

Our school decided to throw our bi-annual Halloween Party at a theme park. Wut? Except, there was a crazy twist to this idea. Best Learning has 4 centers in Jinan. One of them was expected to perform the Michael Jackson “Thriller” dance and another…aka, MY center had to do a play outside, on a stage in the parking lot of the Knights Hotel

.BUT GUESS WHAT?! There was ANOTHER twist. Oh, China, nothing is ever straightforward. This play was broken up into two halves. In between these two halves, the students had to complete 5 missions and get on rides in the amusement park.

OH BUT WHAT DO YOU KNOW?! Yet ANOTHER twist. Us teachers, who were participating in the play, were not allowed to go into the amusement park with the other team leaders and students.We had to sit in the hotel for 4 hours doing absolutely nothing!

Halloween 2017: Knights Hotel Play Crew
Our Cheap Costumes

However, I thought of a great idea! I decided to do a  little photoshoot in the hotel with the “goblin” costume the school provided ( I looked nothing like a goblin character) and find out more information about this fancy hotel.

What was our play about?

Halloween 2017 : Knights Hotel in Jinan China, Princess and Goblin Selfie
I kidnap Eileen in the play!

Synopsis: After a fierce battle, an Evil King was trapped in a dungeon. His two goblin minions have been trying to free him, but whatever they are doing is not working. In order for him to be free, he needs the blood of the Princess. Goblins kidnap Princess. King of Justice devises a plan to rescue his daughter. End of First Half. The students have to complete missions to get the materials that are needed to rescue the Princess. Second half details the efforts to rescue the Princess. The ending is self-explanatory. This play has knights, heroes, kings, etc. Basically a play to fit the theme of the park and the hotel.

Knights Hotel Europark

Halloween 2017

Cheapest Price: King Bed or Twin Room: 590元 on weekends, 448元 on weekdays. However you can find some amazing deals on Ctrip.


Lobby Area

This lobby was full of Halloween decorations! I have so many photos! Here’s more lol!

Bar in Lobby

Posing With Knights in the Lobby Area

Gift Shop

Knights Hotel Gift Shop

Knights Kids Area


Suit of Armor Displays in G. Floor Hallways!


Dining Hall with Pumpkin and Squash Patch


Guest Room Area. Floors 1-3

China’s Next Top Model on the Second Floor

Eileen and I decided to do some runway walks on the second floor, because WHY NOT? We have 4 hours to kill.




More Halloween Decor

I had a great time taking photos with Eileen in the Knights Hotel. However I won’t be happy tomorrow, because we have to do it ALL again. I have to find a way to entertain myself for 4 hours since I’ve taken all the pictures and now written a blog post about the hotel.

Look forward to tomorrow’s part two post. I will share photos and stories about the Halloween Decorations inside the theme park!

Does China Celebrate Halloween? Many people from home ask me this question. Part one of this investigation series begins with the Knights Hotel Europark. Price 590 Yuan/ 80-90 USD, Jinan, Shandong, China

Would you like to stay here in this hotel? On a scale from 1-5, how cheesy is this themed hotel? 5 being the cheesiest!



  • Alexi R

    Wow it’s nice to see you cosplaying like this, so pretty! Knights hotel is just perfect for your Halloween Party, I love its architechtural designs and the halloween decorations are fantastic. All of your costumes are so beautiful. super love, I’m sure you had a nice party! cheers!

    • Tyra Skinner

      Yeah I wasn t expecting anything like this! There Halloween decorations are the best I’ve seen in China so far! Thank yoouuu

  • Helene Choo

    I would say the hotel gets a 10/10 on the cheesiness scale from me:P Wow! I’m glad you had so much fun taking photos and entertaining yourselves though:D The decorations make for such awesome props:D Looking forward to part 2:)

    • Tyra Skinner

      Hahaha yes I completely agree with you on the cheesiness scale of this place. I wish we were able to go in the spa though!!

  • Hey.. that looks like a lot of fun. The way the world celebrates Halloween is so diverse and equally interesting. Cheers!!

    • Tyra Skinner

      Yes it was fun for the first day! China is still trying to understand this strange holiday lol

  • Neha T

    I wish teachers were allowed to go inside than wait outside but I am glad you made it a fun event and shared the pictures with us. I loved the feel of Halloween you have captured and now we know China do celebrate Halloween pretty well….I like your outfit !

    • Tyra Skinner

      Yeah, the second day doing this was not that bad, it was a beautiful day so we chilled outside on the patio. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos!