Blogtober Challenge – Day 20 – Blast From the Past V: Hiking in Anhui

My calve’s hurt -04.01.14


This is a two week update because I have been a bit busy and I admit too lazy to write an update.

These past two weekends I have been hiking on mountains in 安徽(Anhui)and 长城(The Great Wall)-I’m only going to separate these into two posts

This Blast From the Past series is meant to highlight my first encounter with China. I studied abroad through the CET’s  China Studies and Internship in Shanghai  program from February-June 2014. This was my first trip out of the country and only my third trip out of the state of Texas.

As you can tell I have been culturally and geographically confined. I recovered these stories through a terrible email system I used to update people while I was studying abroad. Nevertheless, I’m happy to share them once again, but with more pictures. Enjoy 🙂

Hiking in Anhui, China

This was a weekend excursion planned by CET Shanghai, so the majority of our classmates, roommates, and teachers accompanied us on this trip.

Blogtober Challenge - Day 20 - HIking in Anhui, China - CET Academic Programs Group Spring 2014
CET Spring 2014 Troupe

The director hired a famous Chinese tour guide named 迷路(Milu)whose name means  ” to be lost.” Pretty ironic I guess since he was the one leading us up the trails, haha.

The bus ride there was about 6 hours, so Milu tried to keep us entertained by having us introduce ourselves, play different games, etc. It was pretty interesting to see who was in or out of shape depending on who kept up with Milu. Sorry guys, I am out of shape, I was with the average group in the middle.

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Hiking Mountains

We hiked up two different mountains in two days. I liked the second mountain better because we had to do some rock climbing and jumping over things in the water. Though it was more dangerous, it was really fun and beautiful because we saw many waterfalls.

Pretty Waterfall in Anhui, China
Pretty Waterfall!

A Mountain in Anhui, ChinaIMG_1591

We also did a campfire one night! Of course us Americans and the Brit had to introduce S’mores to the Chinese. They had NO CLUE! I only ate two…but Big Bamboo(my Chinese roommate) ate 4! This Shanghainese girl loves her sweets.

IMG_1572Blogtober Challenge - Day 20 - My Calve's Hurt: Hiking in Anhui

OMG one thing that i left out of this email is the amazing dumplings that I ate. I still tell everyone that the best dumplings I had were the ones that were handmade in Anhui on a plastic tarp laid on a rock. Everytime I eat  jiaozi (dumplings) , I think about those on the Mountain I ate. I didn’t even know the people, but they just kept offering me dumplings.I ate about 17. Yeah I’m weak…I know some people who can eat 25.

Cait from the CET crew learning how to make dumplings in Anhui, China
Cait from the CET crew learning how to make dumplings


-end of Anhui Part in Email

I have so many Beijing stories! I am hoping I find the story about my first time to The Great Wall of China to post next!

Hiking in Anhui- Waterfalls and Dumplings Pinterest Graphic

Do you like dumplings? If so, what’s your favorite kind? Mine is the Chinese Chives and Egg (韭菜鸡蛋的水饺)


  • Let ‘Lost’ guide the way! Haha Very ironic name for a tour guide.

    That sounds like so much fun and a great way to get to know everyone. And it doesn’t matter if you are the fastest, as long as you made it to the end.

    Looking forward to your Great wall post!

    • Thank you for reading my posts! Yes I agree, I’m glad I made it through that week :). The post will be up in a couple days! Very busy with preparing for the big move!