Hong Kong First Impressions 香港 的第一印象

Applying for my second Z-Visa to return to work in China! This brought back memories of my first time where I had to go to Hong Kong (HK) to apply. I was able to spend two days days there. Although it was just a taste of Hong Kong, I was still able to write down several first impressions. BTW my school paid for my hotel, so I absolutely have no idea, nor remember where I stayed! SMH complete travel fail! Nevertheless, Enjoy the post!

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HK First Impressions

  1. Towers on Towers on Towers. Buildings on Buildings on Buildings. Although the sky was clear, I could barely see it unless I went on a sky bridge. I kind of felt like those little people you glue down when you’re presenting a model for a new city. Which brings me to my next observation….Hong Kong First Impressions- Towers
  2. They have so many sky bridges! It’s pretty cool actually. You can practically avoid the hassle of crossing a major street or a highway by simply walking on a sky bridge. Another cool thing about those sky bridges is that they mostly connect to shopping centres and/or food places. All that walking does make one hungry 😀20160510_151105
  3. Hong Kong is so diverse! I couldn’t really tell the difference between tourists and locals! I also didn’t feel like a tourist or a 外国人(foreigner) when I was walking around.

    Hong Kong First Impressions: Different Asian Cooking Sauces Map at The Noodle Stand in Hongkong
    Asian Sauce Map @ The Noodle Stand- HK
  4. Kids are so plump and jolly looking. I can’t speculate what the cause may be, but they did seem a bit happier as I saw several boarding the metro with their family members.
  5. I heard so much English, Chinglish, Cantoenglish, Engclanto, Canto,  and Mandarin! It made me want to learn Canto so I could fit in this wonderful language exchange( since I know 2 of the 3 :D)
  6. The HUMIDITY was SO SO SO great for my skin! Bye Bye pimples! Two days in HK my face became much clearer than it was in Jinan. Smh Jinan’s pollution…
  7. HK is expensive (in China terms).  Trying to find a meal under 30 HKD was challenging. Thank God for shrimp wonton noodle soup @ The Noodle Stand. In HK, for a moment, I thought I was I spending money like I was in America.

    Hong Kong First Impressions : Shrimp Wonton Soup at The Noodle Stand
    Shrimp Wonton Soup @ The Noodle Stand – HK
  8. HK  <3’s Japanese Food. I saw more Japanese restaurants than 7/11’s. Haha I’m JK but you know what  I mean.
  9. HK money is…interesting. All the bills are different design and COLORFUL! They really want you to know the difference in the value of the bill. Hong Kong First Impressions : The 10 Hong Kong Dollar Bank Note

Hong Kong First Impressions Pinterest Graphic 1

I enjoyed my time here, solo traveling in HK. It was practically my first time traveling some where by myself without a group of friends, so I didn’t do much. HOWEVER, I’ve grown as a traveler and hope to go back soon some day!

What is your favorite thing about Hong Kong? Let me know in the comments below!

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