Blogtober Challenge – Day 16 – Learn Chinese Vocabulary: Autumn

Since I have to teach my students some Autumn vocabulary this month in English, I think I ought to study more vocabulary in Chinese.This post will be a three part series. Part One will be mainly about Autumn and the holidays that are celebrated in China during this season. Part Two will be about Halloween and Part Three will be about food, of course!

Let’s Begin! 那我们开始吧!nà wǒmén kàishǐ ba!

Learn Chinese AutumnVocabulary

I planned to design cute flashcards using Canva, but they don’t support Chinese characters! If I had more time I would have used a Chinese app. For now, a list will suffice.

There are 4 tones and 1 neutral tone in Mandarin Chinese that are needed to clarify the meanings of words. Reference the photo and link below to learn about Chinese Phonics!

The Chinese Mandarin Tones


1. Autumn – 秋天- qiū tiān

means Autumn, harvest time   means day   Autumn + Day = Autumn Days = Autumn

*Fun Fact: also means Sky or Heaven depending on the context.

2. October – 十月 – shí yuè

十 is the number 10   月 means month   10 + Month = The 10th Month = October

月 can also mean moon!

3. November – 十一月- shí yī yuè

十 is the number 10   一 is  the number 1   十 +  一 = the number 11

月 means month   十一 + 月 = The 11th month =  November

4. Mid-Autumn Festival – 中秋节 – zhōng qiū jié

中 means middle    秋 is Autumn   节 has a few meanings, but in this case it indicates this day is a festival or a holiday

中 + 秋 + 节 = Middle Autumn Festival = Mid-Autumn Festival

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5. National Day – 国庆节- guó qìng jié

国 is country; nation, state   庆 means occasion for celebration   节 indicates this day is a festival or holiday

国 + 庆 + 节 = Celebration of the Country Holiday = National Day

6. Tree – 树 – shù

Blogtober Challenge Day 16 - Learn 14 Chinese Vocabulary Words about Autumn

7. Leaves – 树叶 – shù yè

树 means tree   叶 is leaf   树  + 叶 = Tree Leaf = Leaves

Orange Leaves – 橙叶 – chéng yè

橙 means orange (the tree and the fruit)   叶 is leaf   橙 + 叶 = Orange Leaves

Red Leaves – 红叶 – hóng yè

红 as an adjective means red, popular, and revolutionary   叶 is leaf   红 + 叶  = Red Leaves

Fun Fact: Red and Gold are China’s flag colors. You can see why “red” can also mean revolutionary!

Yellow Leaves – 黄叶 – huáng yè

黄 means yellow, sallow   叶 is leaf   黄  + 叶 = Yellow Leaves

8. Thanksgiving – 感恩节 – gǎn ēn jiē

感 means to feel, sense   恩 is grace, favor   节 indicates this day is a festival or holiday

感 + 恩 + = to be grateful   感 恩+ 节 = Thanksgiving Day

9. Fog – 雾气 – wù qì

雾 is fog, mist   气 is air, gas    雾 + 气 = Fog

10. Rake – 耙子 – pá zi

耙 means harrow ( a tool that has sharp teeth which is dragged over land to remove weds, break up clods and cover seeds)    子 is an affix that is added to some nouns or measure words

耙 + 子 = Remove Weeds/Plants + Thing = Rake

11. Clouds – 云层 – yún céng

云 as a noun means clouds   层 means layer   云 + 层 = Cloud layer = Clouds

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12. Hurricane – 飓风 – jù fēng

飓 means hurricane, cyclone   风 has several meanings but it mostly means wind

飓 + 风 = Hurricane Wind = Hurricane

13. Umbrella (for rain) – 雨伞 – yǔ sǎn

雨 means rain   伞 means umbrella    雨 + 伞 = Rain Umbrella

14. Windy – 刮风- guā fēng

刮 has several meanings, but (of the wind) it means blow   风 too has several meanings but it mostly means wind

刮 + 风 = to blow wind = to be windy

Blogtober Challenge Day 16 - Learn Chinese Vocabulary about Autumn






  • Helene Choo

    You make me feel ashamed because I can’t read Chinese as a Chinese person! How bad is that…:P Love these words though, I didn’t even know we had a word for Thanksgiving…Now I know:D Thanks for teaching me things:D

    • Tyra Skinner

      Haha, no need to feel ashamed, this language is hard if you’re not immersed in it! Yeah the word for Thanksgiving is a good choice of characters. It flows well! I’m glad you were able to learn something!

  • Neha T

    Wow I always thought if I can ever read and speak Chinese it looks so tough. This post makes it easier to understand and interesting too. I like the lesson on October. You are very talented and your class will learn so much from you.

    • Tyra Skinner

      I’m glad you found it easier to understand. Hopefully you learned some words you can say to a Chinese friend!

  • Michael Oloko

    A friend of mine learnt Chinese. I don’t think I could as it seems really difficult to master.

    • Tyra Skinner

      It’s difficult at first, but once you find the patterns you find it easier to learn!

  • Alexi R

    Wow, what a great way to learn again chinese, I did have 3 month chinese mandarin course also and it was intesnse. It was long time ago so I forgot some words, but I still remember how to count and say simple words. nice one teacher!

    • Tyra Skinner

      Wooow! That’s awesome you learne before. Yeah it’s easy to forget a language, I forgot Spanish so my godparents are confused how I can remember Chinese. 😂 I’m glad you learned some words!

  • Digital Travel Guru

    This looks so complicated – but I had fun trying to pronounce all the words. I love the look of Chinese writing too great and enjoyable post. If you ever get time could you do a post on other words to learn? like greetings and basic things like that?

    • Tyra Skinner

      Hehe, I thought the same thing when I first saw this language! I was like WTF?! However there is a system and a pattern, so after a while it gets easier. I’m thinking starting in November I’ll try and do a lesson maybe twice a month, including basic things and survival Chinese! Maybe some Chinese slang too haha!

  • Wow.. I’ve always been fascinated by the Chinese script and language as such. I can now learn 2-3 words and show off to my Chinese friends 😉 Cheers!!

    • Tyra Skinner

      Woohoooo! I should probably teach questions so thst you can start a conversation with them. They will be so surprised!