Monthly Blog Report – August 2017

Why Write Monthly Blog Reports?

I wanted to document my blog’s journey and give other bloggers and readers a true account of how blogging actually works. I have read tons of reports, quite addicted I would say.  Some are helpful, and some just offer a clickable tagline that doesn’t go in depth of how they really obtained that $37K a month or those 200K monthly views. I hope that this can serve as a helpful resource as I will list my strategies and analyze which ones actually work for me.

I also wanted to write these reports for accountability. Sharing my goals on here keep me on track and helps motivate me to persevere even when blogging gets tough. I’ve learned over this month that blogging is more than just writing posts. I have learned so much about marketing, reading analytics reports, finding the write keywords, turning your blog into a business, etc. I wasn’t even interested in these type of things in college and I learned about most of this in just a month. Can’t wait to learn more!

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Anywho, on to the good stuff…

August Goals

5 Main Goals I want to Accomplish

1. Apply for more affiliate programs. Develop strategies for affiliate marketing. Earn $25. MINUS  signed up for Tailwind and this things called Skimlinks. Still awaiting approval from Tailwind.   GOT APPROOOOVED! Super Fast

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2. Sign up for Amazon Associates and set up Google Adsense | CHECK earned $8.77 from Google Adsense!

3. Develop Pinterest Strategy

– Implement Marissa Wood’s tips for finding group boards |  CHECK, found many group boards!

– Research/ Implement tips about Tailwind and Boardbooster | CHECK

– Develop 1 group board to invite collaborators and create 5 more personal boards | MINUS

– Create 2-3 pins for each blog post. (I was only creating 1) | CHECK

– Join 3 Tailwind Tribes | MINUS, BUT I joined ONE!

4. Join more FB groups, according to niche. Filter out non-helpful groups. | CHECK

5.  Create 2 Freebies | MINUS but have ideas now!

5 Site Improvements I Want to Make

  1. Improve SEO to get organic search to website. Currently it’s not showing up in my google analytics report | CHECK. Organic Search popped up
Monthly Blog Report- August 2017- Acquisition Report - Google Analytics
Organic Search aka BODAK YELLOW popped up | Monthly Blog Report- August 2017- Acquisition Report – Google Analytics

2. Download and install Hello Bar | CHECK

3. Create a work with me page. | MINUS

4. Delete Inactive plugins | CHECK

5. Find some people to review my site and offer feedback. Apply feedback as appropriate. | CHECK

Traffic & Income Goals

Considering that I had a one week vacation with no wifi, and Hurricane Harvey hit my hometown Houston, leaving us with no power for a while and a lot of stuff to clean, I think I did okay. I was only active on the blog for about 2.5 weeks. Imagine if I had the whole month, I think I could have done better 😀

Monthly Blog Report- August 2017 - Page Views Comparison Chart - Google Analytics
Monthly Blog Report- August 2017 – Page Views Comparison Chart – Google Analytics
  • Gross Monthly Income: $25 | MINUS BUT CLOSE ~ $23.77 (Cityscape Bliss gave me $15 Tailwind Credit!) 
  • Monthly Sessions: 500 | CHECK ~ 730
  • Monthly Users: 500 | CHECK ~ 562
  • Month Pageviews: 500 | CHECK ~ 943 unique
  • Monthly Bounce Rate: 65% | MINUS BUT CLOSE ~ 68.23%
  • Email Subscribers: 10 | CHECK ~ 34 subscribers
  • Facebook: 50 Followers | CHECK ~ 62 followers
  • Twitter: 125 Followers | MINUS BUT CLOSE ~ 115 followers
  • Pinterest: 125 followers | MINUS BUT it doesn’t matter, read below for WHY ~ 112 followers
  • Instagram: 375 followers | MINUS, Instagram has been shady because of these bots ~ 274 followers

Fruitful Decisions

1. Changed my blog theme. What do you guys think? I think it looks much better and it’s easier to navigate. I even chose a color palette!

2.Created 2-3 pins per post. This is great for engagement and I think has helped my pinterest profile!

3. Signed up for a Pinterest chat with Jena Liat. She was helpful in giving me tips & hints to improve my Pinterest Strategies. KEY LESSON: Pinterest is a SEARCH ENGINE. Keywords in your pin description are necessary and your followers don’t matter!

4. Responding back to ALL my comments. Well, I wanted to, and I am glad that I do because I only want genuine engagement, even if it does take time 🙂

5. Quit Boardbooster. Mainly because I felt that I was spamming other people’s boards. Repin rate was low. Manually pinning more now and will be taking advantage of Tailwind for scheduling

Bad Decisions that led to Lessons

1.  Wasting time on FB group threads. There are FB Threads that waste time and lead to inauthentic growth, such as: Instagram Like All, Subscribe to All Blogs, FB Like All, basically any “blah, blah, blah all “are not good because not everyone follows through. HOWEVER, I do like doing the Pinterest for Travel Bloggers Repin Thread and Blog Comment Thread. Those allow me to interact with people who are in my blog niche and connect with other bloggers.


Facebook Groups that are based on GENUINE engagement: 

5 Facebook Groups for Genuine Engagment with your blog - Monthly Blog Report- August 2017

Facebook Group for Pinterest Tips & Tricks:

2. Social Media Plan = Non-existent. I don’t even have money for a scheduler, yet, but I’m going to try a new method. Going to plan more. Instagram is meh right now…all these bots. I just reported over 5+ accounts. Also, no more blog title pictures on just looks weird.

September Goals

5 Main Goals I want to Accomplish

1. Pinterest Strategy 

– Fix descriptions on existing pins by adding keywords. Continue implementing keywords on new pins.

– Also, change board descriptions

2. Develop a Killer social strategy (more like planning and uploading consistently)

3. Create that Freebie!

4. Earn something, SOMETHING from Affiliate Marketing

5.  Always a goal, but declutter those FB groups

3 Site Improvements I Want to Make

  1. Improve Site Speed. Does it take too long to load for you guys? Let me know in the comments!

2. Maybe add a Pinterest Feed and use the Hello Bar to promote the freebie I need to create!

3. Create a work with me page.

Traffic & Income Goals

  • Gross Monthly Income: $35
  • Monthly Sessions: 700
  • Monthly Users: 700
  • Month Pageviews: 700
  • Monthly Bounce Rate: 65%
  • Email Subscribers: 50
  • Facebook: 75 Followers
  • Twitter: 150 Followers
  • Instagram: 350 followers

Thanks so much for reading my report. I know it was terribly long, but I hope it was helpful!

Check out my FIRST monthly blog report here:

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Feel free to provide a link to your blog report in the comments below, or even a link to your blog! I’m always down to connect with other bloggers!

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