First Monthly Blog Report- July 2017

Why Write Monthly Blog Reports?

I wanted to document my blog’s journey and give other bloggers and readers a true account of how blogging actually works. I have read tons of reports, quite addicted I would say.  Some are helpful, and some just offer a clickable tagline that doesn’t go in depth of how they really obtained that $37K a month or those 200K monthly views. I hope that this can serve as a helpful resource as I will list my strategies and analyze which ones actually work for me.

I also wanted to write these reports for accountability. Sharing my goals on here keep me on track and helps motivate me to persevere even when blogging gets tough. I’ve learned over this month that blogging is more than just writing posts. I have learned so much about marketing, reading analytics reports, finding the write keywords, turning your blog into a business, etc. I wasn’t even interested in these type of things in college and I learned about most of this in just a month. Can’t wait to learn more!

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Anywho, on to the good stuff…

July Goals

5 Main Goals I want to Accomplish

1. Buy a domain and hosting site |  CHECK

2. Set up Google Analytics Account | CHECK

3. Feature another blogger | CHECK

Wednesday Features is a new trend on my blog where every Wednesday I feature 1 or 2 other bloggers. This is a great way for me to discover new blogs and share some online love and support. I had the opportunity to feature 5 bloggers this past month. August is all booked, as well as the first two weeks in September! Major win!

Check out last week’s here : 

READ  Wednesday Features: Journey to Happiness

4.  Guest post on someone else’s blog. | MINUS

5. Apply and get accepted to 1 affiliate program. | CHECK


5 Site Improvements I Want to Make

1. Move posts from to | CHECK

2. Download and insert affililate program banner/links | CHECK

3. Set-up mailing list | CHECK

4. Implement one of Neil Patel’s SEO tips | CHECK

5. Create Private Policy, Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions pages | CHECK

Traffic & Income Goals

Gross Monthly Income: $10 | MINUS ~ $0

Monthly Sessions: 30 | CHECK ~ 342

Monthly Users: 30 |  CHECK ~ 253

Month Pageviews: 30 | CHECK ~ 462 unique

Monthly Bounce Rate: 70 | MINUS  ~ 72%

Email Subscribers: 2 | CHECK ~ 3

Facebook: 30 followers | CHECK ~ 34 followers

Twitter: 30 followers | CHECK ~ 61 followers

Pinterest: 30 followers | CHECK ~ 37 followers

Instagram:  215 followers (I changed my personal to business account. I was hoping to gain 72 NEW followers) | CHECK ~ 242 Total, 99 NEW followers


Fruitful Decisions

  1. Started Wednesday Features on the blog. 10% of my traffic comes from this and has contributed to a lower bounce rate
  2. Joined several Facebook Groups to boost blog traffic. 

My Favorite FB Groups: Bloggers Unite on Pinterest | Blogger’s Unite on Instagram | Pinterest Ninjas | Girl Blogging Sharebears

4. Signed up for Boardbooster and Tailwind. My pinterest profile skyrocketed! Well, I started off with 0. So anything above that is dope! Haha. I used Boardbooster more than Tailwind this month, but hopefully next month I can use Tailwind more and develop a more beneficial pinterest strategy.

5. Created Pinterest Board Covers. My profile is looking a bit more professional than before

Bad Decisions that led to Lessons

  1. I signed up for StumbleUpon and shared a few of my posts. BAD idea for a new blogger. Although I want traffic, I honestly don’t have a steady inflow from other avenues, so although I had gotten tons of page views one day, it dropped the next and my bounce race spiked. The purpose of my blog is to share my travel stories and tips about traveling, teaching, and living abroad in China and in Asia. It’s supposed to be a helpful resource. Building traffic is a goal of mine, but maintaining traffic is more important. StumbleUpon at an early stage is not helpful. Maybe later I will try again. However, I did sign up for Bloglovin which is a better alternative to connect with other bloggers and get your posts out there. I hope to engage more in the next month.

2. I only created 1 pin for my blog posts. I should have several different pins for each blog post that way I have more of my own content linking to my site on Pinterest.

3. I was trying to handle too many social media accounts without a strategy or a plan. I created a Facebook page and haven’t had much engagement. I plan to first build my Pinterest and Instagram. Then I will focus on Twitter and Facebook.

4. Signed up for several affiliate programs but only actively used 1. I need to find affiliate programs that I’ve used and are beneficial to my readers.


Resources I Use

10 Resources TooChineseForU Travel Blog uses

  1. Downloaded a printable blog planner from Designer Blogs
  2. Mailchimp 101 by Think Creative Collective
  3. How To Use BoardBooster to Create Traffic by Her Paper Route
  4. The Most Powerful Pinterest Strategy by Maya Maceka
  5. Neil Patel’s Advanced Client Acquisition Webinar
  6. Bluehost & WordPress
  7. The She Approach 65 FB Groups for Bloggers
  8. Google Analytics
  9. Booking.Com Affiliate Hub
  10. Canva for editing pictures/making graphics for social media. It’s free!


August Goals

5 Main Goals I want to Accomplish

1. Apply for more affiliate programs. Develop strategies for affiliate marketing. Earn $25.

2. Sign up for Amazon Associates and set up Google Adsense

3. Develop Pinterest Strategy

– Implement Marissa Wood’s tips for finding group boards

– Research/ Implement tips about Tailwind and Boardbooster

– Develop 1 group board to invite collaborators and create 5 more personal boards

– Create 2-3 pins for each blog post. (I was only creating 1)

– Join 3 Tailwind Tribes

4. Join more FB groups, according to niche. Filter out non-helpful groups.

5.  Create 2 Freebies

5 Site Improvements I Want to Make

  1. Improve SEO to get organic search to website. Currently it’s not showing up in my google analytics report

2. Download and install Hello Bar

3. Create a work with me page.

4. Delete Inactive plugins

5. Find some people to review my site and offer feedback. Apply feedback as appropriate.

Traffic & Income Goals

I was surprised that I met most of my goals. So much has happen in only 1 month. I do think the bar was set low because I knew it was only my first month, but I’m hoping for a challenge in August!

  • Gross Monthly Income: $25
  • Monthly Sessions: 500
  • Monthly Users: 500
  • Month Pageviews: 500
  • Monthly Bounce Rate: 65%
  • Email Subscribers: 10
  • Facebook: 50 Followers
  • Twitter: 125 Followers
  • Pinterest: 125 followers
  • Instagram: 375 followers

Thanks so much for reading my report. I know it was terribly long, but I hope it was helpful! Next month I’ll include charts since there will be something to compare it to.

Feel free to provide a link to your blog report in the comments below, or even a link to your blog! I’m always down to connect with other bloggers!