Blogtober Challenge – Day 2 – October National Holiday in Malaysia

Langkawi, Malaysia

Last year for China’s National Day I decided to leave the country and not deal with Chinese tourists in China. I packed my bags to Langkawi, Malaysia, an archipelago of 99+ islands. I got to be lazy on a beach, fish, island surf, ride a scooter, slide down some wells, drink coconut water, eat Malaysian, Indian, and Arabic food, jungle trek, and snorkel for nine long days. Enjoy the pictures! No first impressions on this one because I wasn’t trying to be impressed. Cause any beach and any sun would have been fine.

Langkawi, Malaysia - Pantai Cenang
Langkawi, Malaysia – Pantai Cenang

Fished. After 4 long hours I caught one. Even if it was small, I still caught one.

Langkawi, Malaysia - Tyra caught a fish


 Snorkled: First time ever! Even though I am a weak swimmer, I was still able to explore the underwater coral reef with this life jacket. img_20161007_195456

Jungle Trekked: Yes, I got to be Tarzan for a couple of minutes. I sucked at it. But hey, I completely believe Tarzan’s capability to learn to swing from vine to vine, these things are STRONG


Slided: Down Seven Wells. It was dope.

Langkawi, Malaysia - Seven Wells
Sliding down Seven Wells

Reflected: on why the hell I am in China with bad air pollution and not living on this island.

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A beach in Langkawi Malaysia

Ate: Chicken Satay is to Yang Rou Chuar (if you study Chinese or lived in a china, you’ll understand what I mean)!

Chicken Satay ( Barbecued chicken) in Langkawi, Malaysia

Scootered: For hours, and even in the rain. At least Joel was driving


So what did I do this year for National Day?!

Rian (my Brazilian boyfriend..more about him later) and I went to this house party behind some mountains. There was a rented coach bus that we took there and back. Didn’t sleep until 7am…I was hanging so hard today. I think I had a better time at the beach. Totally wish I was in Langkawi right about now!

For those of you in Asia, enjoy your holiday! I know I am!

  • You can upload your pictures into imgur, and then add the HTML code to your wordpress account. I only ever save featured images on wordpress these days!

    • Omg! Thanks for this advice 😀 I will definitely do that

  • Helene Choo

    Love all the activities to be done in Langkawi! Would totally be up for some snorkeling right now… I speak Chinese and I still don’t know what you meant with the chicken satay haha (maybe my Chinese sucks…)! Looks like you had a lovely time!

    • Tyra Skinner

      Chicken satay is as good as 羊肉串。Have you had Chinese barbecue before? The barbecued lamb on a stick is so good!

  • This is one place I haven’t been to yet. Would love to play Tarzan 😉 and go underwater diving too. 🙂 Cheers!!

    • Tyra Skinner

      It’s a beautiful place! Laid back and chilled

  • Lexi Mary

    I love that you caught one fish after 4 hours, finshing is a hard job though 🙂 thanks for this wonderul adventures that you shared to us. Enjoy Malaysia!

    • Tyra Skinner

      Fishing is a lesson for me because I have no patience. It teaches me haha

  • Neha T

    Nice to read about this destination… truly sand n waves is all you need ….. those scooters too though , i always book them in Goa 😀

    • Tyra Skinner

      Scooters are necessary in these countries. I’m looking to buy one in China!

  • FarsicknessTraveler

    Fishing takes a lot of patience lol good job ! Malaysia looks stunning !

    • Tyra Skinner

      Thanks so much haha, I have terrible patience I’m surprised I lasted

  • Heraa Farooq (Scarlet)

    Langkawi is really an amazing place. I would love to do Snorkeling some day 🙂

    • Tyra Skinner

      Snorkeling is the best experience ever, it was my first time!

  • Silver Surfer

    Langkawi seems to have treated you well. Explain about the Chicken Satay 🙂

    • Tyra Skinner

      The chicken satay is like barbecued chicken on a stick. It tastes as good as the barbecued lamb in China

  • Langkawi looks gorgeous, I would love to visit! I think I may need to head down here during the Chinese new year and properly explore the country!!

  • disqus_qOyW20O6iY

    Langkawi looks gorgeous… I skipped it to visit Bali and now I’m having a few regrets, lol. Thanks for sharing

  • Digital Travel Guru

    I love Langkawi it is a fabulous island, enjoyed reading your posts and photos..

  • Alex BetterTogether

    Langkawi looks beautiful! I love that you went snorkelling – very brave if you aren’t a strong swimmer!

  • Nice! Langkawi looks great and for sure you had lots of fun!

    Yang rou is lamd/cow meat, right?