Seoul First Impressions: 首尔的第一印象

Last year, roughly around this time, I went to Seoul, Korea to see Shakell, my old roommate from college. This was one of our DREAMS! We were both Asian Studies majors: She specializing in Korean and me specializing in Chinese. We would stay up watching K-dramas, wondering if we would ever get to see the famous N Seoul Tower and eat fresh kimchi. I can’t believe we made it happen. Down below are my first impressions of Seoul. Was it like I imagined?!

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Seoul First Impressions – 汉城的第一印象 k

  1. Mosquitoes are mutant!!

  2. Seoul has more coffee shops/cafe’s than convenience stores

    cute coffee cup in Seoul Korea

  3. Seoul’s life is Chicken and Beer, Coffee Time, Shopping, Fashion

4. THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH GARBAGE CANS! It’s like trying to find pokemon.


5. Their night markets are much cleaner than China’s! Kimchi Pancakes for LIFFEE! My fave: Gwangjang Market

6. Their Tourist Information is on point! Each major area has it’s own tourist center and corresponding maps!


7. Koreans love hip hop! I love hiphop. SO that means I love Koreans. Same equation goes for dancing.

You can find them in Hongdae ***where I booked my accommodations for most of the nights. Best Subway Access!!!

random korean girls dancing in the Hongdae University/ Shopping District
Random Girls dancing at Hongdae

***NOTE: Are these dancers above really good?  To be honest the choreography is simple. Korean girl dances use about 25 of the same moves. The difficult part about these dances are 1) THE TRANSITIONS and 2) The guts to be very “sexy”(while sweating) in front of a huge group of strangers

Korean Cass Beer dancers at Hongdae University/ Shopping District
Cass Dancers at Hongdae

8. Beautiful Beaches. Clammy Clams. Savory Sashimi. *** not in Seoul, in Incheon, but still close 😀

I will definitely visit Seoul again when I need my Kimchi and Hiphop fix in Asia. China expats know China’s DJ’s need work. One day I hope to go back all super fan girl ish and see my love Chanyeol. Until then.. What are some of your first impressions of Seoul? Leave a comment below!

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