Blogtober Challenge – Day 6 – Things I Am Superstitious About

October is a perfect month to talk about superstitions! With Friday the 13th happening this month, I thought it was necessary to write a post about things I am superstitious about for blogtober. I’m not that superstitious, but living in China has had me question a lot of things.

Things I Am Superstitious About / Superstitions I Have Heard Of

A Chinese Superstition

They hate number 4, but love number 8.

Blogtober Challenge -Day 6- Chinese Elevator missing number 4 floor

Number four sounds like the word “death” in Chinese, so some buildings in China have taken it to the next level and completely removed “number 4” on the elevators!

Also, when picking a Chinese phone number…I made sure not to pick a number that had to many 4’s in there and made sure there were more 8’s. 8 is a lucky number in China because it sounds (more like rhyme’s) with the first syllable for the word that means “to get rich”. So the more 8’s, the better!

When I did my countdown series for my return to China, I made sure to start from 8 days instead of 10. I’m thinking this aided in the quick delivery of my visa!

Numerology is crazy around the world. So far, I don’t like the numbers 4, 6, & 13.  (6 because of 666 meaning something evil and devil related and 13 because of Friday the 13th)

Click here to read more about Chinese Superstitions

Black People Superstitions

Since I am African American, I realized that there are several superstitions that are passed down in the black community. Every black person knows. Maybe other people know as well, but a black person have definitely heard these before :

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If your palm is itching that means that you will be getting money soon.

Blogtober Challenge - Day 6- Things I am Superstitious About- You get money meme

My mother’s ex-boyfriend swore by this! Each month his palms would be itching and he would tell us! A few days later, he would get maybe 20-50 dollars….through lotto tickets! Talk about luck here.


Fish dreams means that someone is having a baby.

My grandmother believes this to be true. I sorta kind of believed her. She once had this fish dream and told us. Turned out my cousin’s friend ( whom my grandmother had met before) was pregnant at the time. Strange.

Don’t split the pole. It’s bad luck.

Blogtober Challenge - Day 6 - Things I am Superstitious About "Don't Split the Pole"
Alone is fine, but not with friends.


When you are walking with a group of people or someone, if there is a pole or something in the way, don’t break the plane between you. Walk on the same side as the group, don’t walk on the other side. I used to believe this because I fell one time when I walked on the other side. However, I don’t outwardly believe it anymore. Sometimes my conscience remembers and I say “Don’t split the pole, Tyra” in my head, but I get over it.

Brazilian Superstitions (according to Rian, my bf)

Depending on the shape of your chin, a pregnant woman can find out the sex of her baby.

He heard this one from his grandmother!

If you eat mango with milk, you might die of food poisoning!

Apparently this is a Brazilian urban legend and is common to Brazilians. Weird. Does yogurt count too?!

A Korean Superstition

Don’t sleep with the ceiling fan on at night. You will die.

Blogtober Challenge Day 6 - Things I am Superstitious About - Skull Ceiling Fan

I have had several Korean roommates and this was their BIGGEST and ONLY request!

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You have to read this article Why Every Korean Knows Why Not to Keep the Fan on at Night” It has an audio story about this superstition!




There are many other superstitions that I know, but these here are my favorite. Some of these I have heard so much that I believe them and others that are just too funny!


What superstitions do you believe in or have heard of? Let me know in the comments below!