Travel to Inner Mongolia: Highs and Lows

Last year on Independence Day aka The Fourth of July Holiday, I was in China. My school decided to take all of us teachers (3 centers combined…150-200 peeps I think) to the Grasslands in Inner Mongolia (内蒙古)- the greenest and bluest side of China

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Travel to Inner Mongolia: Highs and Lows

The Highs

  • Green, Green, and more Green

    husband and wife tree-inner mongolia- grasslands in inner mongolia
    That famous husband and wife tree


    grasslands-Inner-Mongolia Grasslands
    A part of the grasslands
  • Fresh Air

    grasslands- Inner-Mongolia- Green China-fresh air in grasslands Mongolia
    So fresh
  • Sheep

    Sheep in Inner-Mongolia Grasslands, Inner- Mongolian Shepherds
    A Shepherd
  • Traditional Mongolian costume dress up time

    Mongolian Clothes, dress up as a Mongolian- wear Mongolian Costume
  • The 2nd Horse Ride in which I rode the horse by myself with no one pulling me. That means I was going too fast to take a picture…

  • The 4 hour Jeep ride through the grasslands

    jeep ride through the Inner-Mongolian Grasslands-Jeep tour through Inner-Mongolia


  • Us foreigners dancing on a big stage

    Party in Inner-Mongolia, big stage for Mongolian Dance
    It is empty in this photo, but it was full in the video which I can’t post on here :/ gotta upgrade the plan


  • The Horse showWatch a horse-show in Inner-Mongolia- Mongolian horse show in the grasslands

  • That poncho that kept me warm because I forgot to bring a jacket

  • riding horse in the Inner- Mongolian Grasslands-wearing Inner-Mongolian Poncho


Staying overnight in a Yurt

Stay overnight in a Yurt in Inner Mongolia- Luxury Yurts in Inner-Mongolia
Yurts on Yurts on Yurts! Luxury Yurt actually because it had it’s own shower, two beds, and a flat screen TV.
  • Eating that Grilled Lamblamb raised in Inner- Mongolia grasslands cooking on pit

  • Beef Jerky2016-07-15 21.19.43

The Lows

*** Obviously there will not be pictures for the LOWS. >_<

The 8 hour bus ride from Beijing

  • Every hour a tour guide will speak for like an hour in a microphone while I’m trying to sleep

  • The school had us go through a tour 🙁 So we basically did tourist trappy things

  • The school didn’t tell us we would have to shuffle out 500 kuai for this one day grassland activity stuff

  • The 1st horse ride was supposed to be 45 mins but it was only 10

  • The food!!! It was the same meal 3X a day for 4 days -_- Except for the lamb and jerky

However, this was overall an amazing experience worth sacrificing my American Independence Day festivities for. Thanks to the barbecue, fresh air, and the taste of another culture.

If you’re American, what do you do for Independence Day? If you are NOT American, when is your Independence or National Day and what festivities do you have planned?  Respond in the comments below


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  • The views are amazing! (I raised from the dead, lololol)

    Oh, imagine how I’m having the same meal for a week. Boo.

    Btw, you can embed youtube videos, can’t you? So, you could get a youtube channel. -Wink wink.-

  • that’s too bad about the meal thing, i went up to inner mongolia and the grasslands with friends and LOVED the food. breakfast was the same everyday but dinner and lunch changed. we stayed at this small place with only 2 yurts and got home cooked meals every day. go again on your own if you get the chance!

    • Oh yes, I think I to go back! Especially to breathe the clean air!

  • Familyearthtrek

    Ohhh my dream destination! I would love to do the same activities especially dress like the locals, sleep in a yoaurth and ride a horse. I dont even mind eating the same thing for a couple of days…as long as they are good.

    • Tyra Skinner

      YOU MUST GO! It’s amazing! Yeah, there are better food out there, I was just being a drama queen because I wanted to eat more jerky and lamb! The yurt experience was great. There are some luxury yurts there that have a bathroom and even a TV in there! Crazy.