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Elisha from Mom On The Blog

Leia from Language For The Playground


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Early Childhood

Education Strategies


I just completed my first year of teaching in China this past April! Most of my classes have students from ages 3-5 years old so it’s extremely important that I stay up to date with different strategies on childhood development, language acquisition, and even games and book suggestions. These two lovely ladies below have helped me do just that. I encourage both old and new teachers  AND parents to take notes and learn something new!

Wednesday Features Leia from Language for the Playground- Blog Logo

Leia is a remarkable deaf educator who blogs about language, listening and social skills for children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing (DHH). She gives wonderful tips and tutorials for improving language learning skills with real world applications, like her name suggests, on the playground!

I particularly enjoy her blog because although her focus is for children who are DHH, her articles can be applied to any child learning a language. This is really helpful for me since I teach English as a second language. I look forward to implementing her strategies in my classroom when I return to China.

Click here to read her post “Get ’em Taking: 3 Simple Strategies to Teach Language



Wednesday Features Elisa Suarez from Mom on the Blog

Elisa Suarez is a lovely mother of three children and a Pre-K teacher. Through her blog she hopes to spread the love of childhood development! She also offers amazing tips and tricks for teaching and parenting.

My favorite thing about her blog is that she offers song and game lists to help teach important concepts in childhood development and make learning fun! She even did a post about how children can learn SIX DIFFERENT skills from playing with Mr. Potato Heads! Loved it! Since school is starting back up I think you guys will enjoy her recent Back to School post.

Click here to read her post “Back to School Tips for the Preschool Teacher” 


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