Wednesday Features: How to Change Your Mindset

Wednesday Features TWO Bloggers:

Amie Dawson from Fitness Forster

Kerry from Step In Timex

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How to Change Your Mindset

If you start your journey or goal with the mindset that you are going to fail, you WILL. It’s important that you’re open minded and decapitate this fixed mindset at its head. It’s the only way you can grow. These two lovely ladies below share how you can embody a growth mindset to help you with personal fitness or tackle the first year of university. Everyone can learn from their tips.


Wednesday Features: Amie, a blogger from fitness forste

Amie challenges us to change how we view our relationship with food and exercise.

If we regard exercise as a punishment for the food that we want to eat, then we wouldn’t be ready to make that lifestyle change to be fit and eat healthy.

At one point in my life I started stress- eating and would be guilty of having this mindset. I would eat tons of junk food, then do many cardio videos afterwards because I thought that I was “burning all those calories”. Am I living a fit and healthy lifestyle because of that? NOPE!  Definitely not! It’s through proper education, setting goals, and taking those small steps that has put me on the right track to lifestyle change. Being healthy doesn’t have to be hard!

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Read more of Amie’s advice on her post “It Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult”

Wednesday Features: Kerry, a blogger, from Step In Time

If you’re going to be a freshman, fresher, fish, or noob at uni and you’re nervous…Kerry gives some sound advice for first-timers!

As a recent graduate myself, I completely agree with all of her tips. It’s important to go to university open-minded and not stress about the little things such as packing or finding friends. Everyone is on the same boat, so it makes it quite easy to make friends. More than you can imagine. One of my closest friends shared with me how when she first went to uni, she went in with the mindset that she was going to always be alone.  It wasn’t until sophomore year that she decided to branch out, join groups, ask other students for questions on homework. I can bet there was a mindset change she went through during summer!

Read more of Kerry’s uni advice on her post “Uni Top Tips #1”

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