Wednesday Features: Oh No! Summer Is Almost Over

Wednesday Features TWO Bloggers:

Abbie from Belle Vie

Kate from Girl Masked

Wednesday Features is a trend on my blog where I will feature 1 or 2 posts from my fellow bloggers! It’s a great way for me to share some online love and support to them and discover new blogs.

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Oh, No! Summer Is Almost Over!

Pocketful of Sunshine is seriously one of my favorite songs to jam out to in the summertime. Although the Meteorological season of Autumn has already started on September 1, we still have some time before the Autumn Equinox on the 22nd. I thought we should appreciate the few days we still have of summer and enjoy the blue skies, sunshine, colors…and maybe a few parties haha! These lovely bloggers below have wonderful posts that offer you summer vibes 😀

Wednesday Features Abbie from Belle Vie Blog

Abbie blogs about beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. Can you believe that she does all of this while being a full-time student?! YOU GO GIRL! I love her blog because she is so creative with her post titles and content . AND she is quite the photographer .


Every summer I always make sure I have new jean shorts,  a pair of sunglasses, and a list of NEW ICE CREAM SHOPS to check out. However, I completely forget about other summer necessities like lipstick. Abbie wrote an amazing and detailed article to help you choose the right color that screams S U M M E R.

Click here to read Abbie’s “Summer Lip Staples” post.

My favorite is the benetint. What’s yours?! Be sure to let Abbie know on the comment section in her post!

Wednesday Features Kate from Girl Masked

KUDOS to Kate, ya’ll. She is also a student and blogs about lifestyle, travel and books! She is like a blogging younger sister, but I look up to her like a blogging older sister cause she is amazeballs. Hope ya’ll understand that! I especially love how true she is to her writing. You can feel exactly what she is feeling throughout all her posts .

Last summer, Kate had the opportunity to go to Bardolino, Italy! I have Italy fever right now, so you know I enjoyed reading her post. That place is exactly what you need for summer!

Click her to read Kate’s “Holidays 2. Relaxing Day in the Summer Sunshine” post.

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