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Wednesday Features TWO Bloggers:

I Woz ‘Ere

Wills from MJW

Wednesday Features is a new trend on my blog where I will feature 1 or 2 posts from my fellow bloggers! It’s a great way for me to share some online love and support to them and discover new blogs.

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Travel Europe

What do these two bloggers have in common? Yes they travel. Yes they are bloggers, but actually they have both been to some place in Europe! I’ve always wanted to go, however I’m waiting until after Asia. I want to have the time to soak in the scenery and to marvel at the history! So many of my favorite shows have scenes from Europe! GAAH, don’t get me started on CathedralsCome spark your wanderlust with these bloggers’ stories.

Wednesday Features iwozhere travel blog logo

I Woz ‘Ere is a travel blog that strives to connect with other travelers across the world using their popular hashtag #iwozere . If you ever been to any of the places they have been to, don’t forget to use their hashtag! This past July they went to Ibiza!

This post isn’t the typical one about partying like in Posner’s “I took a pill in Ibiza”, but it’s about Santa Eulalia, a town where you can chill and relax by the marina and beach. They took some stunning shots of this beautiful town and this will def be on my list! Quiet Traveller’s and Families,  this place is for you!

Check out their post here: “Ibiza Chill Zone- Santa Eulalia”

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I’m always down for a party, but there are times where I need peace and a glass of wine! I got some of that this past week camping in Bastrop State Park

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Wednesday Features Wills from MJW

Wills is an awesome dad and blogger from South Wales. One thing I love about his blog are his 5 Minute interviews with people! Short. Sweet. Informative. Motivating. My favorite post from his blog is the one about his home country.


Wills shares some of his favorite things about Wales. He talks about the scenery, the people, and of course the food! ( I’m always wondering about a country’s food).

This post features a beautiful introduction to Wales and I admire the pride he has for his country, this coming from a proud Texan.

Enjoy reading his post here:  “The things I flippin’ love about Wales!”


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