Blogtober Challenge – Day 11 – Wednesday Features: Warming Love

Wednesday Features:

Ana from Faded Spring

Wednesday Features is a trend on my blog where I will feature 1 or 2 posts from my fellow bloggers! It’s a great way for me to share some online love and support to them and discover new blogs.

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Warming Love

It’s starting to get chilly here in Jinan. I don’t even believe they have an Autumn season. It seemed like they had a Fall day, then went straight to Winter. I guess it’s northern China after all. Since it’s freezing here, I think it’s about time to start looking for some warm things. Hot Cocoa, steamed corn, fuzzy socks, blankets…maybeeee…

I bet you thought I was going to say cuddling, given the title. But nope! This post won’t be about that type of love. Hehe. Let me first introduce you to our guest blogger!

Wednesday Features

Meet Ana, a Fashion and Lifestyle blogger who is H E L L A cool! Just take one look at this photo and you will see how friggin awesome her style is. Her choice of clothes with a street art mural as a background already tells me that I NEED to get to know her. And, if you take the time to read her about me section, you’ll find out her love of rap, hiphop and dancing and her training in Musical Theatre. So when I first came across her blog, I was super fan girling.

Wednesday features Ana from Faded Spring

The post she wanted me to share with you all was a love letter to the one person who loved her most. From her roughest times to her great accomplishments in life, this person meant the world to her. Her story touched me because I, too had a similar childhood and an “alternate” valentine. I questioned love all my life and I’m still recovering. Although, in this post she shares photos of a stylish outfit, I hope you can pay attention to the letter and HOW the photos illustrate her vulnerability and honesty with us. You will be touched and admired by her courage, and you will see how she became a lovely woman!

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I hope you enjoy her post. Click here to read “Dear Aunty: A Letter to My Valentine”

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