Blogtober Challenge – Day 15 – Year of the Horse Photo Essay

Although this can technically fall under the Blast from the Past (BFTP) posts, I realized as I was sifting through my emails from back then in 2014, I did not write about this at all! As I thought about it, I realized that when I arrived in Shanghai we had orientation week, which helped us get oriented-of course…

…BUT , everyone knows that during these orientation weeks at study abroad programs, WE DO SO MUCH CRAP and LISTEN TO MEANINGLESS USEFUL INFORMATION (while at the same time SUFFERING from JETLAG) that we start to forget things and feel exhausted. So that’s what happened. I didn’t feel like writing about it at the time. So here’s for 3 years later. Better late than never?

BTW- all pics on this post as well as from BFTP posts were taken with my previous Samsung Note 3 phone which as you may see wasn’t too shabby. Broke college student back then made do without an actual camera- still don’t have one now haha!

Yuyuan Garden Pics

Old vs. New- Do you see what I mean?
Yuyuan Garden (豫园)
Old vs. New- Do you see what I mean?
Yuyuan Garden(豫园)
Yuyuan Garden (豫园)
大竹子-My roommate Big Bamboo
Face the Dragon

Red Lantern Festival Pics

人海人山-Seas of people, mountains of people…
DO YOU SEE THE STEAM?!…Look at the Horse’s nose


Beautiful Lights and Lanterns


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